Returning to Porto – Ribeira, Food, & Partytime

This is the second instalment of my second trip to Porto (March 2013), and a continuation to this post, which told the story of the Saturday morning after an all-nighter on Friday.The Ribeira district/riverfront (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is one of my favourite parts of Porto, not only because it’s simply picturesque but because I have such fond memories of goofing about with my friends by the Douro River on our first trip, during which we also stayed at an apartment in Ribeira itself.In this area you can see ancient houses, cafes, restaurants, shops, and some cool (or perhaps dodgy-looking) laneways..  and on the river you’ll find colourful traditional boats and cruise boats floating around, as if placed there just to be in your photographs.

^Ponte Dom Luís I (Dom Luís I Bridge) – my favourite of the six main bridges in Porto.

On the left side is Porto and on the right is Vila Nova De Gaia (or just Gaia), where you’ll find the ever-so-popular port wine houses.

P3092158.jpg IMG_7958.jpg

Combined with those that I took last October, I must have a bazillion of photos of the SAME PLACE stored on my laptop..

^It’s not a great pic (out of focus/awkward pose), but I’m wearing:

Jumper & Dress – Topshop
Boots – Urban Outfitters

IMG_7959.jpg  IMG_7961.jpg
My spiky bangle, which my fashion friend Kristabel loves, is in fact from Primark!

More Goofing Around

^ Me with Flo, who’s from Valencia. I call her my little Spanish uva (grape).

The temperature that day was about 12-14 but with the sunshine, it was warm enough for us to lay down on the concrete and stare into the sky for a while.


^Izan & Flo

Reena was missing because she was too hungover/dead and so she stayed in the apartment.

^My ring is by H&M. The hand on the right is Flo’s.

P3092177.jpg P3092178.jpg

^I love this group photo of us!

I used the timer on my camera and this was the first shot. Naturally, we tried to do a second take, but this is what happened..

^AN OLD DUDE taking a picture of our bums?? Hahaha!

Adega São Nicolau


P3092191.jpg  P3092192.jpg
If you’ve been to Portugal, you’ll identify that one of their staple dishes is salt cod – known locally as ‘bacalhau’.

Adega São Nicolau is a family run restaurant set up in one of the lanes of the Ribeira that serves traditional Portuguese food..  we went there in October and decided we would go again this time!

Izan is absolutely in love with the Bacalhau à Lagareiro, which is salt cod with onions, potatoes, peppers, and lots of olive oil. Understandably, because it’s freaking delicious.

P3092195.jpg P3092190.jpg

IMG_1183.jpg  IMG_1179.jpg
^My mama says I should smile with my teeth more.. I think I’ve done her proud 😀


^Credit to Izan for the above two food pics (edited by me) – see, she’s so in love with it that she made sure to photograph it well!

Adega São Nicolau
Rua de São Nicolau 1 
 4050 Oporto, Portugal
+351 222 008 232

Dinner & Saturday Night

IMG_7986.jpg  IMG_7987.jpg
^This was us for a good few hours after returning from Ribeira.

We were so knackered from lack of sleep the night before (up till 6am). We just laid around the apartment surrounded by food and music. Kind of like pigs, really.

We had a late dinner at Adega do Carregal, which was a recommendation by our awesome Airbnb host, Tomás. It was literally around the corner from our apartment, in the downtown/historic centre of Porto.

This must be a place frequented by locals as I could barely find any info on it on Google and we were probably the only non-Portuguese people in the restaurant. The prices were low and the food was really good!

^The girls with sweet Paulo, a new friend we made on this trip.

He had hung out with us at our apartment as we lazed around and caught up on some rest before dinner.

^My little uva and I


^Upon Paulo’s suggestion, Flo and I ordered Frango de Cabidela / Arroz the Cabidela (frango = chicken / arroz = rice).

Arroz de Cabidela is a Portuguese dish made with poultry or rabbit, along with its blood. This is what gives the sauce a greyish/brown hue. It had a bit of a sour taste to it but I LOVED IT.

It was EVEN BETTER after I ordered a side of fried egg (with runny yellow) to have with it – to Paulo’s disgust and disapproval..  😉

Adega do Carregal
Travessa do Carregal 102
Oporto 4050

After filling our tummies, it was time to PARTY! We love partying at the Baixa (downtown), which was a mere five-minute walk from the restaurant.

I don’t have many pics from the night.. but here’s what I could find:

^Reena in our overused ‘paradise glasses’. I don’t remember what this bar was called.. there are too many in the area!

^This I do know was from Plano B, one of the bigger and better known bars/clubs.

It has an art-gallery feel and really high ceilings. I was mesmerised by the colourful lights and giant mirrorball in the upstairs area. There’s also a downstairs where they have DJs and live bands.

^Reena, Me, & Luis

Luis is a friend we made on our first trip in October, as a result of wandering around aimlessly on a Monday night. We had gone to ask for recommendations from the nearest bar, where he happened to be working. He gave us some really good ideas and we ended up partying with him and his friends.

So of course.. we did it again! This time he took us (Reena & I) away from the Baixa to a club called Pitch.

I don’t remember how it began, but my nickname for him is Frog. Or Sapo (frog in Portuguese).

It was a large part thanks to him that our trip was so awesome (heaps of fun) even though we missed The Color Run. So THANKS LUIS!

Here is a video – the start is us being idiots at our apartment, and then standing outside Pitch.. also being idiots.

Reena came up with ‘O fuckin’ Lá’ – her version of ‘Olá (‘hello’ in Portuguese) and we were TOO AMUSED by it. Luckily, most people who heard it from us felt the same 😉


Krissy |

Hi darl! I just had a look through your travel log and I must say – WOW. You’re so lucky to have travelled to so many places! but the real question on my mind (and I don’t mean to be nosey) – is how do you afford it all to be able to go so often!? Your workplace must be really lenient with you taking time off to travel! (if you’re working lol)

Just curious 🙂

Krissy x

The Kara K Project |

These photos are aboslutely amazing! What filter do you use/camera/lens? aka whatever makes your photos look so damn good?

I am heading to South America later in the year and even though it’s a completely different continent – I am SO looking forward tot he food and your pics made me super hungry! (and I just ate not long ago) haha

You and your friends look like you had an amazing time.

– KK

Winnie |

Too many things to love about this post. Firstly your orange dress is lovely with that jumper! Your ring is gorgeous and that chicken dish looks deeeeelish…you’ve made me crave chicken despite it being almost midnight! I have never been to Portugal either. MUST.VISIT!


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