London Snow 2013 – Regent’s Park (Part 1)

SO! As most of you will know, London had its first snow of the season last Friday the 18th and it went through the whole weekend. If you follow me on Instagram (@smallcrazy), you’ll know that I can’t really erm.. behave myself.. when it snows. Hehe.I LOVE snow. Last winter, I loved it so much that I impulsively booked a train to the countryside just to wait for snow and play with it. I wrote about my weekend in Peaslake here.On Friday, I took some time in between working to have fun outside. I spent the Saturday at Hampstead Heath. On Sunday, I enjoyed the snow at Regent’s Park.

I was on the way to Baker Street to meet a friend for lunch, when a bazillion snowflakes started pouring out of the sky. I was SO impatient to finish lunch and RUN to the park.. and then when I got there, I realised.. that I had left the memory card for my camera at home. In a moment of snow-insanity, I darted off back to the main road to buy a new one.

Here are a selection of photos taken that afternoon:

Jumper & Faux Fur Coat – Vintage via GigiVintage
Skirt & Bag – Topshop
Shoes – Doc Martens
Beanie – H&M
Gloves – Urban Outfitters

I wore two pairs of woolly tights, and two layers of UNIQLO Heattech tops under my jumper.

I’ve been wearing the SAME THINGS every snowy winter it’s so boring.. zzz :p

P1201923.jpg P1201931.jpg P1201930.jpg

It was such a challenge to use my camera that day. Everything kept getting wet and my lens kept fogging up. But I’m so glad I went to get that memory card because Regent’s Park was a picture of magic that day! Like something out of a fantasy world. The boating lake was partly frozen on the surface. The resident birds hung out on the ice, or otherwise slipped and slid around fighting for food whenever someone threw any towards them. I bet they wish they had ice skates!

P1201948.jpg P1201940.jpg P1201941.jpg P1201932.jpg P1201952.jpg P1201953.jpg

I braved taking my coat off for a photo.. it wasn’t too bad. I think I was HOT from the excitement of snow that day.

P1201980.jpg P1201924.jpg P1201978.jpg P1201958.jpg

The white parts of my jumper is angora wool and is super soft to touch. There are also some teeny pearls lining the design but.. I’m sure some have fallen off by now : /


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