Wireless Festival / Saturday / New Young Pony Club, 2manydjs, LCD Soundsystem, etc

SLOWLY but surely catching up on ‘stuff I did over summer’ posts

These [happy] pics are from the second day (Dance Day) of Wireless Festival in July 2010
I miss those amazing summer months! Go away September!, it’s really not your time yet!

I remember arriving earlier than Joyce
I walked onto the grounds and proceeded towards the main stage where Aysha etc were after I bought my drinks
Closer to the stage I began to hear some yelling and chanting and lots of bass
And people were SWARMING in like drones assembling in their place of worship

Turns out, Snoop Dogg was starting

”No no no no oh noooo…” I thought to myself, while moving as fast as I could in the opposite direction, ESCAPING

Imagine my relief when I rang Joyce and she tells me she’s JUST coming through the gates
We sat down on the grass far away from the stage and did our favourite thing: nothing.
When the speakers bellowed a ridiculous ‘PUT YOUR MF HANDS IN THE AIR’, we had a self-pitying laugh to ourselves as she muttered under her breath, “this is my nightmare coming true..”

I nodded in agreement.
Sorry Snoop Dogg, we really don’t like you!


They didn’t like him either..


Joyce’s shorts


My shorts!
They were cut from a pair of leggings I got at a vintage clothes market in Amsterdam 🙂


New Young Pony Club
I had never heard them before but I like them!


Joyce and her buddies


With Joyce’s childhood friend Jason


The sky was beautiful
There was something in the air that day
A good kind of something 🙂


I ran to the front of the stage later on to meet Aysh etc for 2manydjs
Who were SUPER
We were dancing like crazy people and doing silly things
Everyone in the crowd was clearly having fun and just letting go
It was such a great vibe


Emma + Aysha

Aysha wore this fantastic 2-piece outfit that had a sheep on it
The best part: the sheep GLOW in the dark!!!

DSCF0628.jpg_effected DSCF0603.jpg_effected DSCF0601.jpg_effected

The night was ended with a ride on the carousel
[not counting stuffing ourselves with midnight kebabs later on]

P1010451 P1010463 P1010453

Everyone was laughing and giggling as it went round and round
With all the bright lights speeding by in a blur and cold air on our faces
You could say it was somewhat magical 🙂

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*pics from Joyce, Aysha, myself. Edited by me.


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