Wireless Festival / Friday / The 88, The Temper Trap, The Ting Tings, etc

There’s no doubt this has been one of my best summers yet
In fact, every year seems better than the last – following this tradition I am so excited for 2011 now!

Went to Wireless Festival with Joyce on the Friday where the lineup included The 88, Temper Trap, Pink, Plan B, Daisy Dares You.. etc etc
We had just returned from Amsterdam less than 2 days before and looked forward to hanging around the park, listening to music and Doing Nothing – just like how it was at Isle of Wight!

Through my time in London – it was my 3 year anniversary in June 😉 – I’ve never been to a real/big music festival. I was so focused on travelling that it hardly even crossed my mind! This year will be different.


The giant slide that everyone (meaning Joyce and I) was so excited about


Joyce brought her pet golf ball Wilson along
He’s been to heaps of places
He’s naughty. He drinks a lot and never stops smiling!



Rabbit print top Zara
Shorts gift from Joyce
Bag & Scarf vintage


Rings from H&M
Nail polish a mix of yellow + bright pink by Barry M


The band I was most looking forward to seeing was The 88
Brings back memories of The O.C. days (they had a couple of songs on the soundtrack. “How Good Can It Be’ was one)!
Me and in my room in the dead of night watching episode after episode
And then not being able to wake up for uni the next day….

I was so mesmerised by guy on the keyboard
Bouncing up and down so vigorously on his stool that I thought “hmm you might as well just STAND!’”

The moment
I waited for it
Was when they performed ‘Coming Home’
I LOVE this song [got so excited typing this that it’s now playing on my iTunes]
Felt so HAPPY standing there 🙂


The Temper Trap


Most unexpected phenomenon of the day: US. Dancing to.. PINK!!!

Confession: Neither of us like her music

We also saw her perform at IoW so it was nothing new
Maybe it was the drinks but we ended up dancing and jumping around like crazy people and having the best time!
Not really paying much attention to the music I suppose, haha


Look how dirty our feet got!


Met Joyce’s friends who were also here on holiday
L-R [oh no I’m so sorry I cannot remember her name :(], Melissa, Nadia
They were so much fun to hang out with

P1010396 P1010398

Such a pity these girls don’t live in London!


All in all.. It was a fantastic first day at the festival
Wait for the next post on Saturday 😉

I feel so lucky this summer

Today while walking home, listening to my favourite music and feeling the warm sunshine pouring down from the blue sky above, I felt so overwhelmed by happiness and positivity that I couldn’t help thinking

OH MY GOD it is just so BEAUTIFUL *cries* OMG
Happy to be alive!

*most photos credit to Joyce and her camera; edited by me


greenlaundry |

holeymoles, that tent is F’AMAZING! I miss the OST to The O.C. too, I have all of them, I should go take a listen now.

btw, I love Joyce’s blog! I’ve been there before but lost the link, so good to find it again.


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