London Backyard BBQ

Saturday the four of us did a bbq in the backyard

Yeah a backyard – it’s not one of those cute little gardens with lots of green grass and old wooden fencing around it, but it was still nice! I think it had its own special atmosphere. The back stairs lead all the way down to it from the flat.

The weather was so good (keep in mind: London standards) that my legs got direct contact with OUTSIDE AIR for the first time since..possibly last October or November!

My cat Crazy joined us too!
I placed the cat bed on the landing at the top of the stairs, immersed in sunshine
He had a teeny weeny piece of sausage, cos he was shy

We also blew some bubbles

Me & the R

sausages & skewers made of stolen cup stirrers!

before eat

after eat!

We then had lots of strawberries and the most delicious whipped cream ever (Roro’s great idea)!

tastes good with face too

Photobucket happy

No outfit photos

I mean, duh I had a bbq in my own backyard.. so I was in my pajama tee and boys’ track pants until it got too hot and I had to throw on a dress

But I will have some tomorrow from another wonderful day!

PS SORRY haven’t had time to reply to your comments – thank you again you are too kind!


Y |

Bucca: thank you!

Ash: I feel hungry looking back too..

La C: you’re welcome! Hope you had a fab day!

A dreamer: I know, it was a shocker!

melly: hehe thanks, she’ll be pleased to read that, I hope!

Rose:’s just you.. (HAHAHA)


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