17 May 2009

Vintage Scarf Outfit

This week was the most shitty week
HARDLY any sunshine – the sky has been thick with heavy clouds and it’s been so windy!

That meant I hardly got to go out and do stuff
No park visits 🙁
And always going about in my unflattering waterproof jacket haha

I did get to stop by Carnaby for some shopping event they had one evening and that was heaps of fun because there was free candyfloss, popcorn, drinks, and other snacks! And 20% off for all the shops there.

That was also my lucky day as we popped into Topshop and I picked up a pair of floral tights for £8, but when I got to the till the item scanned for £5 😀

SO ANYWAY are some outfit photos from this week.
This time I wore black tights..
I’ll just say that standing around without a coat on a cloudy, windy day is NOT PLEASANT AT ALL


Yellow tee H&M
Scarf vintage
Red belt vintage (from mom!)
Skirt Primark
Tights H&M
Blue shoes Dorothy Perkins


LOVE this scarf
It’s so silky soft!


In this photo I’m actually half frozen to death

Scarf off!

This week I also spent a day baking (just typing that is weird.. I don’t BAKE!!) plain scones.
The motivation was a tub of clotted cream brought all the way from Devon by Roro.. needless to say the first batch I did came out black-ish and you could stone someone to death with them.

The rest turned out good though!
I’ve nearly finished the whole tub of cream by myself.. super awesome cream.


Picture of us at Carnaby:


More tomorrow! Or perhaps Tuesday’s more like it!



Rose |

Awww, love you so, Yishy Bishy, hehe! Really love your outfit, how awesome is that belt and scarf! Where is the scarf from? Hahaha and OMG look at the amount of things I’m carrying in that pic of us!

melly |

That skirt with the red belt is perfect!

I don’t have a baking bone in my body too. So hard enough to stone somebody really made me laugh out loud.

Tash |

Love your vintage scarf! I recently discovered some vintage scarves in my mum’s closet, but its hard figuring out the best way to tie them. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

Sam |

Such an adorable outfit! And I need that red belt, seriously. My red belt just broke and it was my fave! So mean…

Nice and Shiny |

That scarf is PRICELESS!! I usually don’t really like scarves, but your really working this one! It looks absolutely flawless in the outfit, how sweet is that skirt?! And of course you look as lovely as always. I’m not sure I’ll even get over how RAD your haircut is!!

DOn’t tell me your having bad weather there in London! I’m leaving tmrw, and I don’t want to arrive with rain, you hear me?!?! Lol, jk!!

yummm scones, never tried baking those yet. I’m sure if I did they could also be used for stonings…


Y |

THANKS everyone you are all too kind!

Nice and Shiny: I read your comment on the way to work in the tube one morning and it cheered me up! I’m always grumpy going to work ha ha

I think the weather will be fine by the time you get here! I hope!



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