Summer Style with a Vintage Fur Collar

A quick outfit from the weekend 🙂

DSC_0032Dress New Look
Tights eBay
Shoes + bag vintage
Fur collar thrifted


God.. I’m so obsessed with tights!


Dull old brick wall


Kinda matched my nail colour(s) to the dress.. not on purpose!


Wasn’t gonna share this last pic initially cos there’s just too much of me in this post
But I really like my hair in it so here it is ha haha




missklicious |

Haha, that’s the thing with Justin Beiber songs, so annoying, but catchy at the same time.

Love the yellow shade of polish!

Kati C. |

Enjoy your weekend at the country house! It sounds so serene 🙂

And great outfit too. I want the fur collar! xx

le pearl |

You have the most amazing vintage collection <3 Do you still have your Tolossa dress? I think it was you that has it. It guided me to your blog 😛

Y |

Le pearl: YES I still have it! It’s one of my favourites and thanks for reminding me about it, I haven’t worn it for ages! 🙂

Thanks everyone else!

Kylie |

Taking note of your florals + fur. I have a lovely fur collar hanging on a hook in my room that I look at everyday and WISH there was a way to wear it in summer… I think I just found it! Seriously, work girl. Also loving your asymetrical hair. AMAZING, gah!



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