Vintage For Sale Pictures


Just.. a grand total of 5 photos from Vintage for Sale Pick N Mix last weekend!
I’m still basking in the glory of all the stuff I picked up.. haven’t had time to take pictures of them yet OOPS..

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There’s actually an open-eyed version of this photo but I thought this was funnier HA HA

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With our bags stuffed full (they were HEAVY!)

Dress vintage (Liebemarlene)
Belt Sportsgirl
Tights don’t know too many black tights
Shoes New Look

That’s Rosanne with me on the left..

She is such a gem because, we share the same dress size, shoe size, and erm..even bra size (HA Ha hah). We’re also pretty much the same height (or should I say.. same shortness). We went to college together.. although, during that time we must’ve exchanged no more than five words.

When I moved to London we met for dinner through a mutual friend. She was about half an hour late – the first sign of our similarity. Never have I met someone who loves to procrastinate as much as I do! We also share the same star sign – Leo <3 span="span">

The Mr found this really cool little cafe around the corner

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It reads: Eat Shit Fuck Die (!!!)

The music was great and they had cutlery containers made out of Lego
They had funky lights and things going on.. it was kind of a hippie place
I had a nice thick tomato soup with brown bread (that was tragic, because I prefer white bread)

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YAY for same-sized small people!



Rose |

Awwww… I love you, Yishyene! Hahaha. 😀 This post made me smile after such a stupid crappy day, argh. I’m really not photogenic, am I?! Hooray for us shorties! 🙂

melly |

Hello! I am in love with your blog :}

I feel like you’re my never-had-sister or something, i love everything you wear. And a piece from Liebemarlene – makes me jealous!

You and your friend look very cute here. I’ll be reading!

Y |

rose: aww *hug* I love you too! can’t wait for our holiday it’s going to be awesome! 😀

karen: actually yes you would so love that cafe.. even though I don’t really know you that well I just know you’d love it!

melly: THANKS!! I’d love to meet all my could-be-sisters!!! Haha. You remind me a little of myself too :p

qin: thanks a bunch 🙂

la couturier: lots of people seem to love that’s the thing though, only one other person bid on it at the auction so I got a great bargain!

peaitlreiecnia |

gosh lol, i just looked at your blog and you look like the type of girl to get articles about you in frankie. your photos are all so kitsch and that opshopping post ‘stuff as much as you can into here for 30 pounds’? amazing

Y |

peaitlreiecnia: That’s such a sweet comment from you – thanks!! And yes the sale was amazing..I think they have one about once a month at different locations each time! 🙂

cheeeezie: HHAha THANKS!

Elizabeth |

This cafe looks interesting. There is a goodwill place down the street from me that has a brownbag day once a week, For 50 cents you can fill the bag with all you want.


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