11 May 2009

Valerie Tolosa Dress


This is gonna be like.. an explosion of pictures of me as it’s me in one of my favouritest dresses ever! I know I always say this and that are my favourite, in fact everything seems to be ‘one of my favourite’.

And this one is again a Valerie Tolosa item.

Dress Valerie Tolosa
Green shoes JOY
Black bow tied around waist is a gift ribbon

Bruise on my pale leg, for anyone sharp-eyed

Photobucket Photobucket

I forgot to take a close-up photo of the fabric, so this is a something that I cropped out of a larger photo so you can see the detailing a bit better!


I have a dozen other shoes that would go with this dress
But I felt I needed something different.. something GREEN!

I’m gonna swap the laces for purple ones next time!


Someone dumped this sofa here just
For anyone who actually reads what I write, I spent the weekend doing nothing that exciting at all! I never made it to Portobello Road Market – I overslept and got lazy :S
But on Sunday I spent some time around Ealing and bought the most lovely top from Primark (I saw M wearing it the other night at after-work drinks and simply had to buy one for myself). And then I went and had profiteroles again!

And you know what I did in the evening. I played football.
Besides my whole face turning red from exhaustion it was actually kinda fun.



Toulouse |

This dress is fabby, far too chic for a french maid. i love how the green shoes go with that sofa too x no worries about the follow- im very new to this so if you have any other suggestions let me know 🙂 i wish i was south o go portobello 🙁 i love the lazy daisy cafe! x feel free to follow my blog x

Jasmina |

love love love that dress and those shoes, I don´t think it´s maidish at all, I can´t remember when was the last time I played football, maybe I should give it a shot 😀

Kaita |

WOW. What a stunning dress! My jaw dropped a bit when I saw it. You work it so well, too. I’d have to say that this is my favorite dress of yours too. 😀

Tamia |

Damn I love those shoes.

And yay for Twitter! It’s fairly addictive as long as you follow good people–just do a search for fashion and whatever else you like and follow the interesting folks that pop up in the results.
~Tamia (@TamiaS)

SO. |

you are freaking adorable and the green shoes are such a nice touch. that shade of green is very hard to find….

A dreamer |

it’s not that french maideny. it’s really cute! looooove it. and i love that you’ve paired it with green shoes.

Jess |

Love everything. That dress, those shoes, amazing. The green laces look lovely! But purple ones would too =) love your blog & I was at Portobello market this weekend, didn’t find much though due to lack of sleep!

blushingjoy |

I’m not a fan of Valerie Tolosa but heck, that dress is gorgeous. You should wear it more often… I don’t think it look french maid-ish at all!!

Y |

REPLIES TO YOUR COMMENTS:Toulouse: Thanks! That sofa is actually such an eyesore down there, i hope it gets removed soon!

Jasmina: Before this I hadn’t played since I was..at school or something

Diane: thanks!

Kaita: thank you.. it is a lovely dress

Tamia: slowly getting the hang of it thanks for the tip!

Overdressed me: thank you :$

SO: dont I know it! I bought it as soon as I saw it!

A dreamer: hehe thanks.. black shoes get boring!

Sushi, Cedar, DreamyGirl2″: thanks!!!

Elizabeth: Me neither! But maybe I will soon haha

Jess Lynn: i love them too hehe

Jess: At least you made it there!

blushingjoy: I’ll definitely try to wear it more, esp after the price I paid for it!


Cindy |

I like how you’ve paired your dress with green shoes! You dont come across green shoes very often!! cute!!


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