Turkey – Dalyan Delta & Turtle Beach

Here are more photos from my last holiday – they’re taken during a long day trip to a place called Dalyan – 4 hours from Bodrum. We visited a mud bath/hot spring and then took an hour long boat ride (had lunch on it!) winding through the marshlands that led to a beautiful and amazing beach. On the way we even saw a big turtle!
Oh and that’s why the beach was called Turtle Beach.


I’ll start off with a picture of myself, of course
H aha ha
This was taken on the boat – can you see my big mozzie bite mark


The mud bath/hot springs
Decided to not include any more photos from this part of the day cos there weren’t any that I liked and they all looked disgusting anyway – dont think you want to see me covered in mud and looking like I’m naked underneath.
The mud was gross! And the air smelt like rotten eggs! But it was still fun overall!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On the way through the delta we saw these big stone carvings – they’re ancient kings’ tombs.. or something of that sort. This photo only captures a part of it.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I wish I had an aerial photo of the marshes that the boat navigated through
It was so cool like a big hedge maze
I imagined having a big race there with jetskis and speedboats.. and flashlights if it’s dark!
We could even get into teams and play some sort of game and hide in the thick grass and stuff aahhh


The boat ride was so scenic and the weather perfect
I just stayed at the front; the air was so good…
Thank f the smokers stayed at the back, INSIDE the boat.. enjoying their..smoke? :S


This is a sort of.. river tollgate


Later on the boat pulled up next to a small fishing one
A lady tied a crab onto a string and threw it into the river to lure turtles up to the surface for us to see

Photobucket Photobucket

So excited when I saw this
Luckily the turtle was nice and bobbed its head up a couple of times
And because I sat at the front of the boat I got the best view!


Turtle Beach

I nearly died when we got to the beach
It was so so amazing, the sun was fully out and it was just BEAUTIFUL

Took tons of photos but unfortunately most of them includes me prancing around and doing dumbo faces so I’m keeping those private!

Photobucket Photobucket

Ok here’s one of me


I’m wearing my friend Rose’s bathers hehe

Had so much fun splashing in the water
I ended up stealing (not on purpose) some boy’s pool noodle
And trying to use it as a bodyboard.. it worked a few times WHOOOSH it was heaps of fun!


On the return boat ride
Something really odd happened
Imagine the boat just cruising along at a relaxed pace through that scenic path like in the photos earlier
But this time with CRAZY ridiculous turkish dance music blasting out of it
Yeah! That’s what happened!!
It was so irritating but it was so silly that it made me laugh!


Leah |

I went to that bit too when I visited Turkey a few years ago! We have a really hilarious/terrifying photo of my family in the mud bath. There was a really lovely little handmade jewellery shop in the town if I recall.

mellu |

Speechless when the photos of the big stone carvings scrolled up on my monitor, WOWZAZAZA.

Turkey’s beautiful through your photos, really beautiful.

Y |

Leah: YES my mud bath photos are horrifying too.. didn’t get to visit the jewellery shop you mentioned though!

Melly: oh man now I regret not posting up the others – thought it was boring! haha :p
and thanks!


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