The Queeeeen’s Jubileeeeeee

As the whole universe knows, this June marked the Queeeeen’s 60th year on the throne. The reason I go ‘Queeeeen’ with so many Es is because I just find the word so funny!I was slow to the party (actually, I was in Croatia getting a tan that weekend) but look here *pats self on back*, I have managed to stage a one-person-and-Dale Jubilee Tea Party. In my bedroom. There was meant to be a lovely very tea-partyish table cloth as well, but I had no free table to utilise.

Aren’t I just so ridiculous? Look at me! I don’t even really drink tea! Anyway here are the pics. If the Queeeeeen ever saw them I know she’ll be wishing she joined me…. I just know it.

P6137453_instant.jpg P6137457_instant.jpg
I cheated and made green tea instead
Deeelicious fudge
The thing about having a tea party with a friend that has no working mouth is that all the goodies go into MY mouth.
P6137486_instant.jpg P6137482_instant.jpg
Haha, he can’t actually eat anything!
P6137485_instant.jpg P6137478_instant.jpg
You can’t hear it now, but I was strumming the national anthem in this pic
Dress – George at ASDA
Shoes – Monki
Accessories – all vintage except Star Sunglasses by ‘random pound shop’
Come on. My HAIR + the FRAMES = BLUE AND RED
How Jubilee is that!
Fake pearls.. I think..
Bracelet from my mom that fits perfectly on my small (but growing) wrist.
I tried to choose the most Queenish accessories I could find, btw.
Thank you George@Asda for making my Jubilee party possible!


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