The Old Blossom Box Store – A Gem in Malaysia

Wednesday was a super day

Joyce, like the last time I was back (in October 2009), so very kindly took me out and about. You see, I hold a valid driving license but I don’t really drive. It’s too scary here and I don’t know the roads well enough…
Basically, I’m a chicken -_-

We had tea at a new restaurant called ‘Plan B’, which apparently has extremely slow service and occasionally includes insects in your food. We shared the most delicious plate of French Toast – luckily for us it didn’t take too long and came with no living things! She took me shopping for DVDs and clothes, and we later met a couple of friends at a bar for drinks and food. Felt like she was my big sister, haha.

Most importantly though, we visited a fairly new boutique: The Old Blossom Box Store
I used to browse the Malaysia-based online store from London, but refrained from purchasing anything due to shipping costs.. and perhaps not knowing how to use Western Union. SO I was really excited to see all the pretty things in real life and also to meet Jezmine, the extremely sweet owner and creator of The Old Blossom Box.

Here come LOTS of pictures, cos everything was so NICE!


With the fairy, who took these two photos below
When I was hot and sweaty and yucky
But luckily that didn’t get captured onto the camera, ha


Top – borrowed from mom
Shorts – ASOS
Feather necklace – Diva
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Topshop

I’m holding a plastic bag containing Season 5 of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and Avatar

I like the cat. It makes me laugh!


Crazy-colourful brooches. Can you guess which one I got?


I really liked these necklace versions but hmm i’m not that sure.
Still got a day to think about it
I love the store so much I’m going again tomorrow!


The blue rail



The decor of the whole store reminds me of things like Bambi, candyfloss, carnivals, a cupcake store, TOYS, and ice cream. There are lots of small animals and little ornaments everywhere, even a small rocking chair to hang bags on. I was going to photograph this to share but there was a customer blocking the area oops.

The picture on the right reminds me of my sister, whose name is partially ‘Jane’ 🙂


An accessories table
Clearly oozing with sweetness


P2254070 P2234024
RM25 = about £5


Me and the wonderful Jezmine

I loved so many things at her store
Very affordable as well
For RM350 (approx £70), I managed 6 tops and a skirt!

Here, I’ll show you some of the things I got!

We visited another boutique called Sevendays, from which I bought a dress, shirt, and skirt.


All of the above from The Old Blossom Box Store
I can’t wait till the warmer weather – in London – so I can wear them ALL


Light blue shirt from OBB
Sheer shirt + skirt from Sevendays

Below are the accessories that Jezmine kindly gifted me as part of my purchase


This is something I’m looking forward to wearing to a festival when summer arrives!
Or really just any other day..


Love this cos of the colour

THANKS a bunch Jezmine!
You – and also Joyce – have restored my faith in Malaysian shopping
Just that I’ll probably be broke by the time I leave the country


Kb |

I might just have to place an order from that shop, I love everything you bought and will be so jealous to see you wear them!


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