The Most Beautiful Christmas Baubles

That I’ve seen so far, are from Fortnum & Mason
They were an absolute feast for the eyes
Every one of them was so delicately and carefully made

I loved them so much that after spending hours at their Piccadilly store for the first time, I made a special trip back just to take pictures of these magnificent baubles! And no, I didn’t buy any although I was incredibly tempted to – they start at £20 each.
Just think.. these are JUST the baubles.. there was a whole array of other magical-looking types of tree deco you could get! It is the most amazing store *sigh*

Because I was so excited.. there are LOTS of bauble pics
I hope you enjoy them too!

PB281188 PB070634
Aren’t these the cutest?
They’re ready for their masquerade ball!
PB070635 PB070636 PB070639 PB281161 PB281162 PB281163 PB281177 PB281164 PB281183 PB281165 PB281174 PB281169 PB281172 PB281173 PB281166 PB281179 PB281180 PB281184 PB281181 PB281182



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