The LAST Day of Summer

These photos were taken on what I recall as the last.. day.. of summer
When I still had my old haircut
It was the last time my legs went out bare-skinned (in London) for the rest of the year

And I’ll never forget it
Because on the start of that very day, I already knew just how important it was going to be
So I made sure I spent lots of time walking in the sunlight
Looking into the sky, making creatures and stories out of clouds
Taking photos.. and holding a piece of flower with a BEE attached to it

Tee Zara
Shorts H&M
Vest thingy thrifted
Boots vintage (Etsy)
Bag Topshop (concession stand)


Around the nearby residential roads
I noticed how this corner house’s colour scheme matched my outfit



Bare legs.. SIGH!


When passing a flower-filled bush
(I have no idea what kind of flower this is.. it’s probably something soooo common but it’s just not my area of expertise, ok)
I noticed lots of little bees making pit stops all around the bush

I could easily pluck out flower with a bee still in it without it noticing
And so we got this amazing photo:


If you haven’t heard Arthur Askey’s ‘Bee Song’, you must
It’s so funny, his accent, and especially the part that goes ‘Bzzz bzzz bzzz bzz honey bee honey bee.. BZZZ..’

edit : : Speaking of Arthur Askey
I really love this little old man – he’s my height (1.6m)!
So full of infectious charisma and joy
He was a prominent English comedian – from Liverpool – in the late 1930s/1940s
I’ve just been watching this video
And I can’t help but break into a huge smile as he performs his trademark Bee Song live
And just LOOK at how the audience is dressed!

It makes me think of the old people I see nowadays, and how interesting their lives must be.
How much they must have gone through and experienced

Things our generation can only imagine or see on TV, as if unreal
How they once might have donned huge dressy hats and and gone to a pantomime 😉

And yes. It was the last day of summer.
The best summer.


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