Tabio SS ‘11 Launch

On Thursday I stopped by the Tabio store on High Street Kensington for a press event
It was to showcase their new items and designs from the new spring/summer collection

This is supposed to be what I thought was a ‘versatile’/out and about outfit, as I had two jobs to go to before the event.. Ha


Shirt – Dahlia
Skirt – Zara
Salmon pink tights – H&M
Brogues – Topshop

My shoes are on sale.. if anyone’s interested.. I have them in brown as well.. UK5!


This is a Furoshiki
See below picture for more clarity as to what it actually is!

Tabio were kind enough to give me one
Along with a pair of really cute lace socks, over which the Furoshiki was wrapped


P5121687 P5121688 P5121684 P5121692P5121693 P5121681
I was having trouble deciding on an item from the store to take home

I feel terrible for not remembering the name of this man, but he was super nice and helpful, showing me around what he thought were the ‘crazier’ designs, and whatever that was yellow after I told him yellow was one of my favourite colours

I snapped this photo of him with the instructions ‘do a crazy face’
Hmm.. I’m sure he was holding himself back!


These are pretty rad
I just wish they made thin tights or socks like that instead of thick, unflattering.. legwarmers?
It’s summer!


I laughed at this
Doesn’t it look like something out of a cartoon? Haha


I was lucky to meet Kitty (left) and Ayu
I had lots of fun chatting with them

Kitty is from Hong Kong and is the manager of the Tabio store on Kings Road in Chelsea
Ayu comes from Shanghai and works in online sales (?)


Upon my request, Kitty kindly put on these tights for a few of us to see
As I was short and wanted to see what it looked like on a little person 😀

They’re the pair I took home in the end
I’ll share more when I get a chance to wear them.. !


This is Cara, the store manager of the Westfield branch
She was really smiley and fun to talk to!

I felt that the whole event was such a success mainly owing to the amazing staff who were there to make everyone feel welcome

Thank you to Lois for the invitation

You can follow the Tabio team on twitter here
Or ‘like’ them on their Facebook page


Winnie |

This looks like it was such a fun event! I’m sad that I couldn’t make it in the end, everyone’s been saying how wonderful the event was! Loving the tights you chose and soooo know what you mean about having them demonstrated to get an idea of how they look on someone short! Haha!

Kit |

So gutted to miss this event I was away, sounded like it was a success I’ll defo attend the next one.

Style Slicker

Kat |

These pictures are awesome! Love the tights you picked out 🙂 Really nice to meet you, hopefully our paths will cross at other events!



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