Swiss Line De-Aging Restorative Complex

I know that many of you are curious as to… how old I am. Cos I’ve never explicitly mentioned it (on the blog) before.Well, here it is – I’m 29! If you put the pieces together (and if you had so much time as to bother stalking me..), you would’ve guessed it or come rather close. I left home when I was 19 to live and study in Australia. After 4.5 years there, I relocated to London.. and I’ve been here a while.I’m not gonna lie, I KNOW that I don’t look my age and that I look much younger than that. This could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. You know how troublesome it is for me to buy alcohol at the supermarket?! Sometimes I don’t even bother if I haven’t got ID on me. I also still get rather nervous when i’m in a queue to get in to an over-18 event when I’m without ID. The other day when I had to buy bourbon to make eggnog for Christmas, I had to make sure I went out with my PASSPORT. Oh and how can I forget not being able to buy drinks at a FESTIVAL (Isle of Wight 2010)..

But on the plus side, in 2009 I was in Norway for a skiing holiday and when my friend and I were about to pay for our equipment hire, the guy behind the counter said, “Ok, so one adult and.. under 15 is half price”.  With my beanie, ski jacket, and pants on I must’ve looked like a tween boy. I decided to ride with it and pay my half-price rate.. hehe 😉

When I was 23, I went to a night market with my mom and a vendor tried to sell her some workbooks. Because he thought that I was her 11-year-old child who was studying Grade 5 mathematics.. -_-

However, as young as I may look NOW, I know that age will eventually and most certainly catch up with me. My mom makes it a point to remind me all the time, for example, by passing me a small bottle of SKII via my sister who came to visit in the summer. And by warning me not to ‘smile too much’..

I told myself that this year I would try to incorporate some sort of anti-ageing product into my daily skincare regime – which, in fact, is very basic and simple (I’m a lazy girl). I use Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Biotherm toner (only sometimes), and Hada Labo moisturiser with hyaluronic acid. I also apply a thin layer of Avène SPF50 emulsion if it’s a sunny day. That’s pretty much it!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to use a new anti-ageing serum by Swiss Line – a tube of ‘De-Aging Restorative Complex’ from their Cell Shock collection. I was rather excited to try it after hearing about it from Joyce.

It’s being advertised as a ‘Botox buddy’. As you may (or may not) know, the effects of Botox are only temporary. So if you’ve had Botox injectons, this serum helps maximise and extend the wrinkle-smoothing effects of Botox if used hand-in-hand.

But for people like ME (non-Botox people), the serum is supposed to improve your skin structure and make it feel smoother by boosting collagen and elastin production, thus slowing down the ageing process. Most importantly, it’s meant to make my skin less wrinkly.


It comes in a long 25ml tube.

It contains the following key active ingredients:

Age-Intelligence Complex – makes sure that skin cells receive an optimum amount of oxygen (for collagen production), and to modulate chronic inflammation (the major culprit in visible skin ageing).

Cellactel 2 Complex – a powerful botanical complex that helps your skin breathe, preserve energy, and metabolise effectively.

Ronacare – protects tissues from collagen and elastin breakdown; proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 15%.

Botox-Pro Complex – increases the skin’s suppleness and counteracts the stiffening of matrix collagen by mimicking the skin’s natural peptides.


Those who know me well will also know that I’m not so much a creature of habit or routine, so making sure that I used the serum EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT for at least the first 3-4 weeks – before any effect can be seen – was really tough! But I did it. I even packed it in my bag with I went on my Iceland road trip. How’s that for discipline!

Fortunately, I don’t really have any wrinkles on my face as yet.. other than faint ‘laugh lines’ (the folds between your nose and the corners of your mouth), so I used that as a marker to determine if the serum did anything for me.

It could be only in my mind, but I feel it DID make my lines less obvious than before. My skin also feels smoother to the touch and less blotchy after I have my hot showers (I have very thin skin and even the slightest inflammation is easily visible). It’s also a joy to use as it’s not sticky or ‘heavy’, and smells rather nice.

So yes, I do love it and would recommend using it! In fact, I love it so much that I feel rather sad that my current tube is about to be finished.. cos I intend to continue using it, and hopefully, keep getting mistaken for still being a uni student (except when I want to buy alcohol please)  😉

Swiss Line is not being distributed in the UK at the moment, but you can buy a tube of Cell Shock De-Ageing Restorative Complex direct from the online store for about £120 (172.8 Swiss Francs).

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Oh my God, you’re 29!! 😮 This is brand new information! (I do hope you watched Friends, else, I’d sound like a ditz saying that phrase)


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