A Sunny Day in Richmond

I’m so glad Richmond is only a bus ride away from where I live – it’s one of my favouritest places in London ever!
I love all the tiny lanes and shops and the river and the boats and cafes and parks/patches of grassIt was such a happy day.
I finally took out the giant sidewalk chalk that I bought months ago..
And went around doodling rubbish!!

But first here’s what I wore
I believe it’s the first time my legs have seen the outside world since ..last year
It’s like coming out of a cave
Luckily I had a quick wax before going out, ha ha!

Dress New Look
Belt vintage
Cropped cardi River Island
Bag River Island
Socks/Shoes Topshop DSC_0011a

Nail colour by Barry M!

DSC_1305a DSC_0033a DSC_1284a DSC_0015a

My neighbours car hehe. I wrote ‘Welcome to YOUR CAR!’ in front of the door 😉
And a puff of smoke at the back


Lots of people by the river bank

DSC_0092a DSC_0088a

I miss painting!
I must get my paints and brushes out .. umm someday..


At times I felt like I had just come out of school -_-

DSC_0103a DSC_0118a

Looking at this photo is making me so thirsty!
Pimms.. I love it

It was a weird day because I had just dreamt the night before that I had this huge addiction to beer (when in fact I don’t like it much) and was drawing myself a beer bath and everything. So the Mr bought a strawberry beer for us and it was yum! I also later weirdly craved and had seafood pasta – I don’t like seafood normally.
I LIKE THIS!DSC_0041a DSC_0096a
DSC_1318a DSC_1317a

Didn’t manage to have any ice cream >.<

Richmond is so beautiful

Thought the bottom pics were goofy
Kinda look like a cartoon!


Does anyone remember what this flower’s called
Something HEART
Heart drops or heart ..something..

DSC_0125a DSC_0126aBumped into this neighbourhood cat on the way home
It was sitting quietly on the window sill
I called out to it
And it RAN towards me and rolled around demanding attention!

Had half a mind to kidnap it for a day 😉


Kb |

This outfit is too cute and perfect for the day of summer randomness you had! Lovely pictures as always.

Natasha Chow |

Your photos of Richmond are lovely! I’m hopefully moving to London soon so I always appreciate blogs that show off the city and fashions. Love the cardy too 😉

Y |

Danxi & Lillian : Thanks for reminding me!

And Thank You to everyone else for your compliments!! xx


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