Summery Pink Skirt

Wore this out to collect a special something last week
I am totally in love with my leopard print shoes – in fact that very same day I went and bought a leopard-print fur coat.

When I really like a particular item of clothing I tend to wear it allllllll the time!


Top & Skirt Topshop
Belt Sportsgirl
Shoes vintage


The jade pendant was from.. Myanmar or something?
Can’t remember!


The leaves are falling 🙁

The camera I have slung around my neck is a vintage (1978) Konica C35 EFP (35mm)
I’m in the middle of my first roll so *fingers crossed* the shots will turn out like, really cool.


melly |

I fucking hate my fatty arms too! I do lame arm rotations in the hope of making them slimmer, oh silly me.

I heart your leopard print shoes so much too, they’re so casual yet cool yknow? I’d never think that pink + leopard prints would go but now i know they definitely do!

Good luck with your photos, just don’t get discouraged if your first roll doesn’t come out too well. Keep shooting!!

Dylana |

Everything about this look is so goood! Love the shoes! They are so cute. And your flirty skirt is fab!

ana b. |

OoooO! A fringed top?! Looks fantastic with the hot pink skirt. And your arms are tiny, lady! I don’t know what you’re talking about.

charlotte lucy |

i really like your top – i have one too but my boy makes stupid comments about me looking like a showgirl in it.

and ps your arms are not fat! But I know the super-paranoid-arm-flab feeling haha


fashionplatz |

Very Berlin. The shoes are hot and even the camera looks great. I would love to use this in a shoot! (Little secret -your arms can shrink up to 3cm in 3 days by simply giving up salt and unrefined carbs. It may just be glycogen & water.)

FashionJazz |

Luv ur shoes hun!! Fashionplatz is right btw, that does work but sweetie, u do not have big arms, u a have a stunning figure!!

Have a fantastic day!



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