Spoilt by my Mama

I went shopping with my mom yesterday
It’s one of my treats every time I’m home

I said I needed a new wallet because my old one was so frayed and ..just.. horrible.. and I resorted to using my Paperchase travelcard holder to store all my debit/credit/store/loyalty cards.

Here’s what she got me!


P2103142 P2103146 P2103145

This below is the Paperchase holder that I was using before
This time, it’ll hold only my travel card 😀


There was a free gift that came with the purchase:


Mulberry ‘ang pow‘ packets!!


Winnie |

Ah words cannot describe how jealous I am. Haha! Love it. I saw Selfridges advertise those red packets too for CNY. What was in them??

Kylie |

Ahh, so gorrrrrrgeeeeous! Your mom sure knows how to make a girl happy! haha
Sounds like your haiving an amazing time there, relaxing with your fam and all that… I’m just sad that I’m going to be missing you in London 🙁

Voni W |

Oooh its so lovely!
I wish my mama would buy me this!
I’m also kinda in love with your little paperchase travel card holder! Tres cute. But obviously not for all your purse necessities!

Hannah |

Gorgeous wallet, so chic! Thanks for the heads up about the iso, just wrote down what my photographer friend told me, he was obviously wrong haha!!!


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