It Snowed & I Dressed My Cat in a Santa Suit

As you (probably) already know, it’s been snowing on and off in London over the past.. I don’t know, month or so
Which is GOOD!
But BAD.. because it’s cold.. but no it’s good because it makes the cold somewhat worthwhile 😉

I took a walk around my neighbourhood with my plastic camera around my neck.
I snapped lots of pictures and listened to the snow crunch under my shoes..
My lower face was covered under a thick scarf most of the time.
And tiny snowflakes started to sprinkle themselves all over my clothes as I walked!
I tugged my scarf down under my chin and tried to lick some..

Oh, my digital camera came along too 🙂



The lane behind my block / the lane I normally have pictures of myself taken at

Photobucket Photobucket

Wooden fence covered in.. WOOLY ICE!

Photobucket Photobucket

My cat Kooky in his Santa suit!
I haven’t got a good picture of my other cat Crazy in his suit
But there’s one I like in my phone.. which is.. still stuck in my phone.
He keeps wriggling out of it anyway


A meow meow dinner 🙂


melly |

Man, Kooky’s so cuteeee! I want to hug him!! And you had to kill me further with your cats having their dinner on the table!

Nice photos of your neighbourhood, I like to see where my internet friends live.

Veronique |

i who thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, I really turned his fan *-*
And i really like the idea of use her blouse as skirt! 🙂

snow *-* here haven’t :/

Anonymous |

I want not concur on it. I think nice post. Particularly the title-deed attracted me to read the intact story.

Y |

Melly: I love seeing pics of your cats too! One of them reminds me of kooky hehe

Veronique: thank YOU!


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