Shoe Browsing on a Sunday

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you’ll know that I rarely ever write about products that catch my eye online when I’m doing my regular window-shop-browse and prefer to share more personal content. But today, I’m having a relaxing time indoors after a delicious lunch in town so I’ll sit here by the sunshine from the window and share a couple of items of note while browsing for shoes on a particular website.

[in a way I am actually procrastinating sharing my gazillion holiday snaps with you.. heh]


Left: Chie Mihara – Edesa in yellow

I really love these – the laces are such a good twist, they make it look fun
I imagine I’d wear them with paperbag shorts and a loose, silky top. I’d probably do some colour-blocking as well.. seeing as I love colour so much! (ps – yellow is my favourite colour for shoes)

Right: Atelier Voisin – Favre in blue

It’s the wedge heel and laces at the back that got me.. For some reason I imagine wearing them to take beautiful photos around Lake Como in Italy. It’s just got that vibe.. and besides, I’d love to go there again.
Left: C.Doux Sydoux flats in black/orange/maroon
Right: in grey/rose/blue

I just think these are so funky! A little weird,but cool. I think I could pull them off with some tapered or cropped pants to do lots of walking and prancing about. I’d wear these so much if I still lived in Malaysia/Australia. I prefer the black pair 🙂

Interesting note: these shoes also come in a minuscule UK size 2.5 –
Great news for all you petite girls with cute and tiny feet!

Left: Melissa Ultragirl Westwood in blue

It’s obvious (if you know me) that I like this Melissa pair for the simple fact that they’re blue. Such perfect shoes for a holiday! I imagine mixing up lots of patterns and colours, with a big fat sunhat somewhere. Or jumping into a swimming pool with them. Gosh that actually sounds like so much fun that I feel compelled to buy them and find a pool just so I can do exactly that.

Right: Kesslord Pie sandals in black

I love this pair for its simplicity and functionality. It’s a rather conservative – but these days I find it quite a challenge to find something basic, like a staple item, that isn’t wrong/gone overboard in some way or other.. I’d love to have these ‘ugly’ sandals for visits to the beach (on holiday abroad, ha), lots of running around and even playing frisbee. That’s versatility!


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