Rekorderlig Spring Collection – What I Wore

If there’s a favourite warm-weather drink of mine, it has to be cider! If you know me well enough, you’ll know that during the summer I go a little overboard and spend an obscene amount of time around the parks of the city. I take every possible opportunity (yes, sometimes I slack off from work but shh). I think it’s quite the London thing to sit on the grass with a bottle of cider..  isn’t it?? Also, I don’t drink beer.. err unless I’m at Oktoberfest or something.rekorderlig cider
^yes, I have all these props (& more) at my disposal!

There’s no doubt that my preferred cider brand is Rekorderlig, cos they offer such a fantastic variety of flavours. My all-time favourite is actually the winter cider, served warm during the colder months, but anyway….  I was recently approached by Rekorderlig, asking me to come up with some outfits inspired by their upcoming spring flavours – namely Pear, Strawberry & Lime, and Passionfruit.

Nearly every girl I know loves strawberry & lime cider, by the way.. I have to say when I first got to know about it I was mega hooked, but now am branching out to other flavours as well. Haha.

This post is best served visually, so here goes:

fruity outfit
Dress, Necklace, & Bananas – Bangkok
Sunnies – Zara
Shoes – My sister’s

I admit that I didn’t have any particular flavour in mind when I chose this ensemble. I was just so excited by the thought of a fruity outfit that I thought it best to wear the most crazy colourful item I had in my wardrobe at the time (I was in Malaysia) – kind of like a fruity burst of colours! Also, I was in a tropical country hence the bananas.

YES I DO LOVE BANANAS A LOT. And no, please don’t read too much into that..

bib necklace
^closeup of my neon orange deer necklace

watermelon outfit 2

^Pretty much everything I’m wearing in this pic was bought when shopping in Bangkok the previous week.

This was my interpretation of ’strawberry & lime’ – i.e. the colours red and green! Red and green = watermelon, no?

Sorry I simply couldn’t leave my banana out of the picture..
I wonder if Rekorderlig will ever produce a banana cider <— hello, IDEA right there!

me and mom
^It was delicious (that’s my mom!)

pear outfit

Coat – Zara
Top & Skirt – Bangkok
Shoes – River Island
Bag – Topshop

A sudden change in scene! That’s cos I flew back to London this week, and had my friend Emma take this photo for me – which is meant to be my Pear flavour outfit. I thought I did quite a goo job by incorporating two types of pear here – the light green variety and, to quote my Instagram caption, ’those skinny brown pears’.

Speaking of green and brown, before I went away to SE Asia I received a lovely pair of sunnies – with brown frames and green lenses (!) – by London Retro, c/o MyOptique.

london retro

Admittedly they were a bit smaller sized than I imagined.. so I would say they suit you only if you’ve got a small face. I think the size of my face fluctuates, so I must make sure to wear them when my face is at its optimum size.

Sometimes my face also does this:

my idiot face

Sorry about that.. now back to the topic…. 🙂

After writing all this stuff about cider and fruits I’m understandably feeling like I need something sweet and juicy to satisfy myself. Right this moment I’ve just gone to pick on some cherries I bought earlier today, and wtf they tasted horrible! Please arrive already SPRING so that fruits taste better – and also so we can start sitting outdoors clinking some cider bottles againnnnn…

OH and for your chance to win Rekorderlig’s Spring Flavour Collection, upload an image of your spring flavour inspired outfit to Twitter or Instagram using #LondonFlavourWeek. 
Seriously just do it.. it’s so easy and also, hardly anyone has entered (I have checked, haha)!

THANK YOU for asking me to do this, Rekorderlig – I have loved you for a longggg time! <3

You can follow Rekorderlig’s fruity adventures on Twitter and Instagram – do it! Add some fun and colour to your life 😉

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Miche |

Mmm I love rekorderlig cider too! Drink serious amounts of it during NZ spring/summer when it was hot as… Haven’t seen any in Malaysia but I think they stock them in Singapore 😛


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