My Princess Coat

I bought a big heavy book yesterday
I was actually at Waterstone’s looking to get (yet another) diary/journal for 2010
But this bright red thing caught my eye – it’s THE SEWING BOOK!

Anyway, what I wore last weekend:


Coat River Island
Mustard top Uniqlo (heattech)
Cropped mohair cardi River Island
Shorts Dorothy Perkins
Sand tights Calzedonia
Boots Ash

Photobucket Photobucket

Love these boots
They’re pretty comfy


Look no boobs!


I like this last photo cos it looks like I’m wearing a skirt ha ha


Diane |

As I’m scrolling the score of past posts that I have missed, I do apologize for not stopping by more often because you and your blog are so wonderful!

Bec |

Learning to sew is one of my goals this year too! Borrowing a sewing machine this week so I can have a play and already have that book on hold at the library. Good luck (I know I need it haha) =)

melly |

Nice, I like how you paired the cropped top with everything else. I never can imagine how a cropped top could work in my head.

Kylie |

Omg girl I love you! Way to rock that cropped sweater, it actually works so well with the turtleneck. And your photos always look gorgeous!

Searching for those boots online, brb


Y |

Diane: oh no.. I feel the same! I’m really bad at keeping up with other people’s blogs >.< And thank you.. again I really enjoy your music mondays hehe

Bec: THe book is totally OVERWHELMING ME!!!

Melly: I paired them based on their colours haha

le pearl |

You look fantastic! Only you could pull this off 😀

I find it funny that I was the exact same as a child. I was a punk-rock chick who loved soccer. I wore high-tops and 3/4 boy pants. Hahaha how things have changed… I am hoping to stufy fashion design!

I love the shoes too!


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