Prague Days 1 & 2 – Castle, Bridge, & Food

I remember getting there wet because of the rain and because we’d decided to take public transport which cost less than £1 (can you believe it) per person, going on the bus, train, and tram, as opposed to the airport shuttle which would’ve cost about £20 pp.

As you know I like telling stories through pictures so here goes!

Getting there


One of the main stations we had to pass on the way to the city where our hotel was located


Barely a minute from the hotel there was a cosy little restaurant serving traditional Czech food
There was an accordion-ist playing
And lots of noisy men!


Traditional roast leg of duck with dumplings (those things that look like bread) and cabbage (kinda like watery sauerkraut, tastes amazing)

First Full Day

My favourite thing from the daily buffet breakfast
PERFECT scrambled eggs with tomato sauce

Photobucket Photobucket

Saw this old man admiring the flowers on the way out


You could rent these things to take you around the city


This was at the popular Charles Bridge
Basically a bridge full of funny statues and people selling souvenirs, as well as street performers
Super touristy


I thought these drawings were really good!
Mr Bean looks spot on!

Prague Castle

Saw this little thing on the way there

Getting to this castle was so tiring btw when you don’t have a proper map and hardly anyone speaks english (bad luck, i dont know)


Poppies by the tram tracks


There was a little bird exhibit going on at the castle grounds

This ‘castle’ is actually sort of like a big area with lots of buildings within it such as an art gallery, old dungeon, tower, church, it’s like a little village
It’s weird


Looking magnificent


Looking normal Haha


Prague-ian (:p) guards marching


Part of the castle grounds

I’v excluded photos I’ve taken of the dungeons and museums and stuff cos they’re boring


There was a little fountain somewhere here
Threw a coin in and made a wish

I dont normally remember wishes I make at fountains, wells, bridges etc
But this one I clearly remember and I truly hope I get my wish


Little lane full of little shops


Me at a christmas shop!


Not real laundry – these are props for a stage show going on that night

Told you this castle was weird


Amazing views though


Have been wearing this shirt way too often
But I don’t care


Later that night we watched a Vivaldi concert at a church


Thank goodness for dinner later which was soo good


Stuffed dumplings!

Photobucket Photobucket

Duck and cabbage again


Altogether had a exhausting but great first day
We decided that the best thing about Prague is the (cheap) food

There’s something really so satisfying about being treated to a good hotel (instead of a budget hotel)
Sleep that night was Aaaaaaaaaah
Hotel sheets always feel extra clean!



Kaita |

That food looks so yummy, and your black strappy shoes are to die for. The whole town looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale!
I hope that things have gotten a bit better with your work situation. Hopefully your trip put you in a brighter spirit.

an92 |

Wow it looks amazing! Glad you’re having fun. I’d love to travel to Prague – everything looks so historic, makes Australia look boring 🙁 And loving what you’re wearing!

melly |

Dumplings in Prague look totally different from asian dumplings, interesting to know!

That photo of the elderly man appreciating the flowers is simply all sorts of wonderful wonderful.

eliza |

aw prague looks beautiful!! i want to go there even more now!

i’ve tagged you on my blog for a little questionnaire thingy 🙂

ana b. |

Are those leggings from AA? You make them look crazy cool. I wish I could go to Prague in the blink of an eye. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Y |

Thanks for your comments love reading them!

ana b: The leggings are from Topshop! I know AA have a similar one, but i prefer the topshop design a little bit more!

Anonymous |

haha I’ve been there 2 weeks ago and I saw the same drawings we thought they were to realistic to be drawings 😉 and the castle wasn’t that interesting but I was ill that day, prague is a lovely city :d

gilda |

your prague pictures are killing me. i’ve never been to anywhere in europe. everytime i save up money to go, i run away to japan. i need to go.


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