Portobello Market on a Sunny Day

Last weekend we went to the Portobello Road Market and had an amazing day soaked in sunshine!

Managed to find cheap proscuitto there.
LOVE it, I’ve been having it nearly every day, along with my other obsession which is fresh, perfect-looking cherries from the fruits guy downstairs.


Cream chiffon top Primark
Pink full skirt Topshop
Shoes Zara
Gold bracelet vintage (from mom)


The skirt feels quite heavy but it’s extremely comfy
Except that it flies upwards a too easily with the wind!

Photobucket Photobucket

Can’t believe this was from Primark! For £10!


HA ha ha

At Portobello Rd Market we saw..

A big blue house with lots of windows


A very flowery house


Expensive, colourful houses


Normal colourful houses

These remind me of the beach houses at Brighton Beach (Melbourne)
Which can be seen here


Lots of antique jewellery


Old records


Antique swords


And other old.. weird things

Also had the most delicious ice cream there
Sifted through lots of vintage coats before finding mine
Listened to some really good street performers

Heard great 50s music along the way – I am a big fan, I LOVE 30s, 40s, and 50s music, big band, swing etc
Spent the evening sprawled on the grass at a tiny park nearby
Took photos of my accessories!

Photobucket Photobucket

The ring’s also from my mother
It’s one of my (many) favourites – most of them are from her



Kaita |

Jewelry that’s passed down is usually the best jewelry. The houses you passed are absolutely beautiful- I wouldn’t mind living in any one of them! I especially like the flowery one. 😀

Francie. |

my friend is on exchange in the UK and went to portobello markets and saw those exact same houses. how cute are they!

Emma |

thank you for your comment! haha sure, they’re not very hard to make! 🙂
your blog is lovely, i’m following!!

a.r.v.y |

Seeing your pictures at portobello market makes me miss London so much! Your outfit is also wonderful. I remember seeing those pastel colored houses and taking pictures of them too!

M I A N N |

Great shots of the facades. And that shade of pink I’d great on you.

Not sure what to wear my floral jeans with yet – I have to be careful I don’t end up looking like I’m wearing a couch

Anonymous |

i love your pink topshop skirt
divineeee 🙂
big fan of your blog btw!
keep blogging xo

♥ fashion chalet |

Beautiful skirt I love the popping pink color. Where you went in the very top post, wow, looks like so much refreshing fun. And the food- delicious!! 😉



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