Polkadot Tights & A New Haircut

I got my hair cut/dyed recently
It was a different hairstylist from the last time I had it cut, and by some bizarre reason he’s managed to give me a similar style without having any prior knowledge of it – just a shorter version

When asked how I’d like my hair cut I usually say ‘Anything you like!’
Or ‘Anything except an army shave and don’t let my ears stick out too much’ if I’m feeling a bit chicken

As for the colour, it was result of
“What colour would you like?”
“Umm surprise me..”

Turned out not to be such a huge shock
I had been prepared for blue hair

DSC_1000Chiffon top Primark
Shorts Topshop
Tights New Look
Shoes H&M
Bag vintage

DSC_1014In bright light, I have no eyebrows 🙁

DSC_0996 DSC_1032

I love these tights





Taiii |

Wow, I wouldn’t have the courage to let the hairstylist do whatever he wanted to my hair… Btw, the color of yours is amazing!

Kb |

I recently let my hairstylist colour my hair, it’s only really noticeable in the light but it’s made mine look a lot healthier. I love the new cut, very quirky and different.

Gela |

you’re one brave gal for entrusting your whole look to the stylist! i could never do that. i have to bring a picture to follow & emphasize exactly what i want. but that color looks really good on you!

i’m a new Bloglovin follower, btw. i really enjoyed reading through your previous posts & am looking forward to more of your entries. 😀


MarieBayArea |

beautiful haircut and color. i love the top, shorts, and polka dot tights together. this would look great with black leather heeled, ankle boots.


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