Playtime at Regent’s Canal & Camden Market

I’m lucky enough to live close to Regent’s Canal, and one of my favourite walks in London is the short one along the canal from Little Venice (near Warwick Avenue) that leads to Camden Market.Really I’ve only done this walk maybe four times, but I say it like I’ve done it a bazillion times.. haha!

On a sunny day, all the colours – from the canal boats and kitschy decorations – come to LIFE. I am in love with it. Do you sometimes feel like you can SMELL colours? I think we’re all capable of experiencing colour in every sense..

Here are photos from April, when I introduced the walk to one of my best friends in town, Reena.

regents canal

At the start of the walk, there are rows of parked canal boats.. I think some people actually live in them. I’m not entirely sure. But outside on the sidewalk you’ll see an assortment of items.. benches, chairs, tables, lamps, flowerpots, etc.

canal chillout
^Just chillin’ out under my blinged-out tree with my laptop and wellies, yknow.. normal

little houses
^You must never forget to notice the little details!

chill cat

chill boat
^Sometimes you’ll see people picnicking or reading or napping atop their boats..

outfit  outfit2
Red Cardi – Topshop
Skirt – Topshop
Top – River Island
Boots – Doc Martens

I picked this set of photos to blog about because, despite it having been sunny and VERY HOT in London over the last 30+ days, it was a bit on the chilly side yesterday and for the first time in AGES, I had to wear a cardigan. I don’t mind the occasional thin jumper or scarf (I have a quite-large collection of scarves.. mostly lightweight or silk or vintage ones).

I was thinking the birdie scarf by Hobbs would be a nice one to add to my collection.. from afar it looks like little stars against a night sky, and then as you go closer, you can start to see that they’re actually tiny yellow birds. I like it.


patrick star
^Patrick Star and my musical toy from Porto

strawberry picnic
^We stopped by my favourite picnic bench along the way and had some.. fruits.

Did I tell you that I LOVE fruits? I know.. kinda lame but I do. We sat there for a good while listening to Jack Johnson, looking through my kaleidoscope, and laughing at nothing.

If you know me well then you’ll know what I was REALLY doing..

me with toys kaleidoscope reena playtime

reena playtime 2
^I really do love Reena! We were born in the same year, only a couple of weeks apart.

regents canal boat

regents canal boat 2
^Approaching Camden

pretty canal



At the lip of Camden Market, we stumbled upon this totally hippie set-up called Peoplespace.. a sort of market/community. There were people sat on the ground, singing/playing guitar on the boat, and homemade cakes and biscuits for sale (for v cheap I might add!).

Everyone was enjoying the sunshine.. enjoying BEING there. It was just amazing.

cakes for sale  bricabrac art happy

There was a lot of handmade art to be seen and bought too.

peoplespace2 with reena at ps

And a lot of LOVE 🙂

me in camden
My coat is by ASOS.

camden market chillout
^Above is my favourite place to sit down with some stall-bought food from Camden Market..

By the water, under a big tree, with lots of happy people. Isn’t it great?

camden band

As it happens, the forecast tomorrow is set to be 31 degrees Centigrade and I’ll be heading to Camden Beach with some friends. No doubt I’ll be walking out in my bikini and sunscreen + beach towel in tow 😉

PS – do you like the smell of sunscreen? my favourite is Coppertone as it reminds me of swimming training when I was growing up (I trained as a competitive swimmer) x

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