Pink & Purple Hair

Bored of my travel posts? (How could you!)Here’s a bunch of pics of me with my latest haircut from last week, courtesy of the fabulous Ming.PC021141a.jpg

I like this so much better than the previous green/turquoise, especially since I’ve MISSED the pink that I had over the summer.

The dyes I used were Special Effects Atomic Pink, and Directions Plum. I buy my dyes and bleach kits (Manic Panic Flashlightning – Amplified) online here.

Leggings & Bag – Topshop
Shoes – I forgot!
Coat – River Island
Scarf – Primark!
Shitty old jumper – Vintage
PC021139a.jpg PC021137b.jpg

I really hate dressing during the winter.. I’ve got thick wool tights under those leggings and three layers under that jumper. Makes me feel so THICK and totally UNglam.

PC021136a.jpg PC021140a.jpg

The first time I washed my hair after this dye job, it was like an EXPLOSION of blackcurrant. The purple is so strong that later on when I’d dried off and gone to my room, I looked into the mirror only to realise that my FACE was a shade of purple. My hands looked like zombie hands.

Someone (can’t remember who) said I must’ve been the image of a real life oompa loompa.


allie |

You are too cute with your everchanging hair color. I wish my bleach would just work better so I could color it already. argg


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