Pink on Pink


Top – H&M
Shorts – AZORIAS
Shoes – Monki 

DSC_0271.JPG DSC_0274.JPG DSC_0275.JPG

This great pair of shorts were passed on to me by Joyce. Actually, it was more like I borrowed them and I didn’t want to give them back! I loved the pockets too much. They’re really comfortable and now err tooootally matches my hair.

She had gotten it from AZORIAS, a one-year-old online store based in Malaysia selling mainly Korean fashion items, run by my friend, HuiWen. They ship internationally (£17 standard shipping to GB) and dresses – really pretty ones! – start from about £25 up to £40+.

DSC_0279.JPG DSC_0286.JPG DSC_0301.JPG

Totally unglam place to take a photo.

Bag is a super old, overworn, mangy old Topshop item.. I can’t seem to stop using it as I feel it goes with everything! But then again.. I feel a lot of things go with everything..


All photos were taken in South Ealing. It had been over a year since I moved out of that area into Central London, and I wanted to go back to reminisce and be nostalgic. Haha.

It was amazingly nice to be back in the familiar tree-lined suburban, residential streets. Living so close to the city has spoilt me and I had become used to having a dozens of bus/train lines within a five minute walk from my flat. Back in South Ealing, there was only one tube line to use – the Piccadilly Line – and one bus that stopped at the end of the street – the 65.

It was good to spend the day walking more slowly, stopping for longer to admire the plants and snails/cats/etc, and then having the most delicious Sunday roast and cider at the local pub.

Except that.. after walking for a couple of hours, those bloody shoes gave me such a bad blister that I had to swap them for the sandals I so conveniently packed in my bag. Screw you, shoes! You almost ruined my day!! Nah.. just kidding.. I had an awesome day anyway.


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