Plum Picking in Colchester

Here are some photos from a fortnight ago when I went with a few friends to Colchester to pick plums, hang out by the beach, and eat LOTS!



Some of the best plums ever!
They’re Reeves (whatever)


It was a beautiful day


There were rows and rows of plum trees
Got a few raspberries and blackberries too!

Photobucket Photobucket

Clacton Beach


Clacton Pier


It was all so wonderful
I had ice cream on the pier
And a big homemade Palestinian meal for dinner
Need more summer days!



Rebecca |

“Reading your posts makes me miss school so much! So good to be young!” — I only just read your comment!xD Thanks!, and you’ve got yourself one cute blog here!! 😀

Diane |

Ooh, Clacton Pier looks like so much fun! I should’ve gone to the beach/boardwalk more often (or at all) this summer. I’m beginning to have all those summer regrets now that school has started for me!

I haven’t gone berry picking or any other type of fruit picking since I was a little girl. What a fun day you must’ve had!


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