Paradise Gardens Festival at Victoria Park

That’s where we went last Sunday (when MJ was still alive 🙁 ) It was my first time at Victoria Park – it’s really beautiful.
Although, I didn’t get to go to the part where the fountains were since the festivities were set up on the other side.


Ruffle-front top Primark
Liberty print shorts Topshop
Shoes Topshop

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Sigh need more sleep.. or some really powerful, magical eye cream 🙁

Paradise Gardens Festival

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Colourful tents everywhere!


Saw a couple of old ‘grannies’ zipping about in these..laundry basket things HAHA

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Caribbean jerk chicken.. SUPER YUM


It was kinda of a giant picnic
There was dancing (and classes), heaps of food stalls, games, carnival rides, stage shows, and even a giant plastic robot roaming the park!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Freaking 2am and I still haven’t packed.. I’ve been too bothered about the news of Michael Jackson’s death I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IT 🙁


Hope you all have an awesome weekend
I shall be in Prague..


Gabbi |

I know what you mean, Michael’s death is so strange… so unexpected.

But your weekend photos are lovely, looks like such fun. Also your outfit is very cute, especially those shoes!

melly |

Your Topshop there seems to be different from the Topshop here! Those shorts are quite perfect really, so jealous. And of cos the T-Straps are as well, i never come across good T-Straps.

I’m gonna stalk my Topshop!

Sam |

Oh.My. Those shorts! I’m officialy jealous, because they’re gorgeous! And it looks really amazing on you

FashionJazz |

So luv ur shorts!! I read ur other post, I really hope things get better for u!! I can see in ur twitter updates that u are not happy right now, so I really hope things change for u!! Jasna xx

nonsenseofthetruth |

Love the clothes!
(laura here ;D)
Manon has lookbook, I still have to make one to, but I’m quiete busy lately (:
manon her e-mailadres is:
she’s now on holiday, but when she’s back she will probably answer to your message then ;).

Awesome post!
take care x


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