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Hello Friends! I am indeeeed still around. It’s a challenge to keep up with this blog stuff when the summer in London has been freaking awesome. I’ve been living in my bikini and visiting the parks just about every day. Also just got back from Lisbon recently, where I went to attend Optimus Alive and got to see one of my fav bands ever – Vampire Weekend. Life has been more than good and I’m sporting a LONDON TAN. I’m so dark and I now carry a bottle of SPF50 everywhere I go.. imagine, in London!!Here are some pics from when I took a stroll along the South Bank and visited Beanotown, just before the summer really began and when I still had to use a think jacket. I used to love reading Dennis the Menace (and Gnasher) in the comic books. The installation was really cool – you can still visit it, up until the 8th September 2013. Beano has been around for 75 years!! That’s SEVENTY-FIVE.beanotown wall

Jacket – River Island
Top – Monki
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Urban Outfitters

I kinda miss wearing a light jacket. Or maybe this is my inner voice telling me how much I miss the Copenhagen-bought parka that I lost in Rotterdam. But this could be an opportunity to get a new, less-expensive one.. it’ll be handy for when I go to Wilderness Festival in two weeks! Was looking at this selection of parkas (by New Look) – I like the jade green elephant print one.. what do you think? If it were neon it would already be in my wardrobe.. obviously

london southbank beano beano boy
Yes I am
beano products

It was so tempting to WASTE my money on these Beano toys and candy.. they had so much crap that I’d LOVE to stuff my picnic bag with!!! But I practised self-restraint and simply eyed them..

dennis treehouse

You could go into ‘Dennis’ tree house’ and doodle on the walls.. Admittedly I was too lazy. And if I did go in I’d just end up drawing rude body parts all over and get kicked out or something.

beano art

People doing art and craft! It looked so boring yet relaxing.. hehe.

beano issue covers beano fart  beano fart 2

Many of my friends got very amused by this..  I just saw the floor decal and couldn’t resist. What ELSE is it for, right??

me at millennium bridge me at millennium bridge 2

Trying to get some of the London skyline in.. I miss my pink hair (that I had for 5-6 weeks – it’s a faded ash purple now).

save south bank

If you’re familiar with London’s South Bank, you’ll know that there was a big petition to try to save the iconic little skate park that’s been there for years. To find out more, click here. I almost ALWAYS spend at least a few minutes watching the talented skateboarders/bmx bikers doing their tricks there whenever I’m in the area. I hope it gets to stay!

It’s my birthday today so I’m off to celebrate in the sun now.. !

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