OUTFIT – It’s Jumper (and Jacket) Season Again!

This is probably one of the ‘freshest’ posts I’m publishing – i.e. about something that occurred very recently. In fact, only days ago! *pats self on the back*Here’s something I wore over the weekend. I was somewhat missing Portuguese food (post-holiday blues) and so went to look for some in South London (Stockwell/Vauxhall).

I’ve had pretty much THE best summer I’ve ever experienced in London and I’m sad that I haven’t documented any of it on my blog.. but I guess it was because I was too preoccupied with having fun and living in the moment (what I do best!).  I spent SO much time in the sunshine that I sported the very rare and very surprising ‘London tan’.

It was only last week when I returned from Portugal that suddenly.. it was.. not summer anymore. It was cold! I couldn’t go out in my bikini anymore, when I practically lived in them the last three months.

I remember saying to Aysha last Saturday as we traipsed around Portobello Market, “what the hell? I just bought two jumpers. what is happening?”

One of said jumpers is the one I’m wearing in this post:

first autumn outfit
in the shade  in the shade 2
jumping outfit
Jumper – Vintage
Dress – Topshop
Shoes – Converse (vintage upcycled – they’re studded; unfortunately not visible in these pics)

orange topshop dressIf you saw me wearing this dress in real life, you would need to wear your sunnies. It’s SUPER BRIGHT (perfect).

Now that it’s inevitably autumn, it’s time to think about jackets and coats! I browsed Littlewoods to see what they had available and picked four of my favourites:

1 – South Leather Biker Jacket
2 – Bellfield Rannoch Acid Wash Parka
3 – French Connection Glorious Wool Coat
4 – South Waxed Swing Jacket

Quite essential items really – a leather jacket, wool coat, parka.. You need them all to survive! These were all selected from the Littlewoods range of winter coats.

And then everything else is a bonus – hello sequin jackets, patterned neon crazy cardigans, vintage jacket with a giant unicorn head stitched on.. etc…

The great thing about Littlewoods is that you have the option of paying for your clothes in monthly instalments. Not unlike buying a car or a house. Hmm.. I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing.. but I guess having the OPTION is pretty handy..

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