Our Adventure Began in St Tropez

It’s hard to believe that more than a month has passed since this trip
It only seems like last week that we were on the boat drinking warm cocktails.. after all, I still have my jellyfish sting scar on my thigh –_-
But in another sense it also feels like an eternity ago because so much have happened in between – not to mention the hints of w…w..wi..winn……….ter……… in the air lately….


Here are some pics from the first night/day at the beautiful St Tropez
We had been picked up by Nir, Joyce’s aunt’s friend who so kindly asked us on his boat, from Toulon Airport
I’m glad all these memories still feel fresh in my mind.. for now anyway.

I miss the the sounds of our flip-flopping footsteps against the ground as we walked out of the marina to grab lunch
Which.. there are no photos of. So here’s dinner first.


I wish I made a point to remember the names of the places I eat at whenever I’m on holiday
Seeing as I love eating so much!


We ordered a pizza and steak tartare between us
Too bad the pizza sucked so that ended up as takeaway..

When dinner was over (yum) we started to walk towards the port
Past expensive shops.. which were closed.. for our own sakes

Had a few drinks at a popular bar called Bar Du Port (isn’t it creative)
Because apparently we were going to a club after that where drinks were said to cost at least 26 Euros each
And they did :S

The place was called Les Caves Du Roy
Described as the ultimate nightlife destination on the French Riviera, it’s set in Hotel Byblos, supposedly one of the swankiest hotels in the world


We didn’t manage many photos in there
But it really was an amazing place.. with lots of glamourous/beautiful people (save for me)
The music wasn’t completely my type but to be fair they played a really great mix of everything

And then they had this weird ball thing descend from a UFO-looking thing at the ceiling (see pic above)
With lights
That was cool


& I


Free parking, I see..


St Tropez in the Daytime

The next day we woke up early, put on our summer clothes – i just have to say that, it gives me great satisfaction simply imagining wearing one thin layer of clothing with no purpose of keeping warm –, slathered on sunscreen, and explored St Tropez. It was a happy day 🙂


I just remember feeling so.. HAPPY there
Hot and sweaty
But happy

Seeing all those boats and the blinding sparkling of the water
People lolling about – people on HOLIDAY
It had the best vibe


Along the port there is a line of stalls where artists paint and have their works on display for sale
We only managed quick glances at each stall the first time we passed as everyone was hungry and hunting for food


Holiday people
Possibly all also boat people

P1010836 P1010846 P1010838

Decided that the shops in St Tropez all sell ‘boat clothes’ or ‘yacht clothes’
For people to look glamourous while posing on their boats
Which definitely beats the usual tacky stuff you find on other holiday seaside towns 😉


Saw a lot of these bulbous looking sculptures
These were placed all around St Tropez as part of some exhibition
They remind me of melted chocolate and hippos

Needless to say once lunch was done with
We revisited the art stalls and had a more leisurely stroll
Taking in all the colours and shapes and the talent these people possessed

Makes me wish I didn’t stop painting once I finished secondary school!

P1010851 P1010817 P1010818

The animal ones were my favourite
I would’ve bought one if they had fit into my suitcase!
And I’d have picked the lion 🙂


Once everyone was done with sightseeing and all our ice creams were finished, I was so excited because Nir had arranged for the dinghy to be parked right where the art stalls ended/at the port

So we all clambered into it and cruised back to the yacht/catamaran with the wind in our faces
It was fun.. especially with all the bumpiness from the swells in the water!

P1010866 P1010868

You know that feeling
When you’re having so much fun AND you know there’s so much more in store?
I think that must be what I felt when this photo was taken

*all pics other than 3 or 4 from Joyce since her camera is so much more amazing than mine!


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