Orange Pants!


Top – River Island
Pants -H&M
Shoes – Minnetonka (Moccasins)


These are my new favourite pants for the summer – they’re bright orange and ever-so soft and comfy. Naturally, I thought of carrots when I bought them and wondered if they would make me look like one big carrot strutting down the street.

Fortunately I’ve learnt to love the colour orange over the last year and it’s now on my list of favourite colours, which include red, gold, and yellow.

I bought the moccasins on sale for £35 about two weeks ago – such a bargain cos I’ve already worn them at least ten times! No close-ups, but maybe next time.

Bought the moustache tee cos it made me giggle when I caught sight of it.. really.. isn’t it funny!
It’s a SEQUINNED moustache as well!


I haven’t been able to write or share much on this blog as I was caught up with moving house. I’m now in central London – crazy – which has always been my ‘goal’, so I’m glad. Walking distance to the Eurostar terminal as well!

This August
I’m spending over two weeks in France
In a beautiful place called Castelnaudary which is close to the medieval town of Carcassonne
I’ll be helping to restore a 1000-year-old windmill, helping out on a little farm, and eating lots of home-cooked French food… *hmmmmmm*

The crap thing is, I can’t speak French.

So now I gotta go do some reseach into crash courses/dig up my old books from L’Alliance that I got from a course I did two thousand years ago.. snore


Anna Elder |

i’m in love with bright hued pants right now. i want some emerald green ones. how amazing that you are spending 2 weeks in france! jealous. 🙂

Kat |

This outfit is awesome, I need that T-shirt in my life!! France over the summer sounds amazing, very jealous 🙂 Enjoy it!



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