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It’s no secret that I love hanging out in onesies. You may remember that I wore my lion onesie to a lavender farm, and wore my fox onesie in Iceland. I also have a Santa one, which I used at last year’s annual London Santacon. And these are just the occasions that I’ve actually written about..However, when wandering around Shoreditch Boxpark (a pop up mall in East London) last year, I noticed Norwegian label OnePiece had set up stall there. They make high-quality, lush onesies which are meant to be the ideal loungewear for cooler climates.. without making you feel conscious about things like having ears on your head or a tail on your bum (not that I do, but not everyone is as shameless as I am).

I was recently the proud owner of a Pink Lusekofte Onesie.. and this is not even a lie – I wore it as soon as I got home that day. And the next day too. I kind of decided to skip work and laze around in my suit (not because of the suit, but it helped!).

If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas, you can use the code ‘31SMALLCRAZY2’ 
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Valid worldwide and until.. Christmas Day 2013.

And.. here’s me wearing mine!

me packaging

The suit arrived in a nice matte plastic bag with ‘the story’ at the back, which I won’t bore you with but it pretty much just tells you that the idea spawned from thoughts of creating the most perfect thing to lounge around in. By men, of course.. because women would take into consideration the fact that it’s actually rather a pain to go to the toilet in these things. Haha!

My solution is – don’t drink too much fluids and make sure to use the loo right before you put it on.


The material is thick and is lined with fleece on the inside.


The zipper is able to be closed completely up to the top of the hood..

do not zip

And the tag, which demonstrates the brand’s sense of humour, gives you some fair warnings.

For example, it tells me not go to surfing wearing my jumpsuit because it will get wet and I can’t put it on after surfing.

It also makes a few points about not having the ‘zipper fully closed’, and to watch your crotch area when zipping up.

looking at window

Initially I picked a size XS. But it turned out too long. I suppose people in Norway are very tall and they can’t fathom such a short person as I. In the pic above I’m wearing ‘XXS’, and look how long the legs go! But it’s really very snuggly and comfy. I do love it.

hey arnold

Did you use to watch ‘Hey Arnold!’? It was my favourite show in Nickelodeon, after Spongebob of course.

me as an idiot front

The traditional prints are my favourite, but you can get it in normal solid colours and even denim-look designs.

full zip

To end on a funny note, here’s a pic of me with the ‘zipper fully closed’.

I promise I’ll one day walk out in public like this.

*This post was brought to you by OnePiece

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