Okonomiyaki & CandyCakes Cafe


There’s this application for the iPhone called Twinkle that’s sort of like Twitter (argh) that I installed recently. It lets you send messages and pictures from your phone to this Twinkle thing and people around you can see it, and likewise you can see what’s been posted by people within a 50, 100, or 200 mile radius from you. I think there’s a worldwide option as well.

Anyway last week I saw that someone had posted a picture of okonomiyaki (japanese omelette) being made in a restaurant at Leicester Square. AND so I proceeded to ask here where exactly it was and the following day.. we went!

Oh by the way


My close friends know how much I LOVE red noses.
Maybe I should post some from my red nose photo collection.
During our uni days, Amy and I used to drawy googly eyes and giant red noses on the pictures of people we didn’t like or thought were annoying. I still do it sometimes now.

…back to okonomiyaki

From this


To this

It was real good
Loved it
Wished we ordered more

Had a wonderful walk to Covent Garden (again, I love that place) and ended up at Candycakes (thanks Sian) for hot chocolate and cupcakes it was just LOVELY

Hot choc


Blueberry yoghurt and chocolate cupcakes



Aimee Marie! |

Those cakes look AMAZING! I’m think we should defo go there for the UK Lady Bloggers meet! I just wanted to double-check that you can’t make 24th July? I’m just trying to contact everyone & didn’t wanna leave you out! Sorry to bother you in a blog comment— if you’re on Twitter, add @ukladybloggers!

Thanks! x

Sian |

Ooooh Candycakes! A girl at work is giving me a voucher for buy two get one free (weird amount?!) so we should use them!
PS. I walked past that block thing that the kid walked into today on the way home from work and laughed uncontrollably on my own – I nearly ran into it myself! A big tall guy completely hid it in front of him, he moved left and I nearly hit it!


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