Norway Days 4 & 5 – Lefse

I was just going through my photo album and realised there are hardly any photos from my last two days in Norway! Basically the day before we left we’d just come back from skiing.. I remember spending the day resting at home – the house is so cosy it’s easy to pass hours there without realising – and watching it rain outside.

The next day was half spent in the city having overpriced food, buying lefse, and catching up

I leave you with.. some pictures of stuff we’d eat in the mornings, haha!
Sorry – nothing that interesting this time.. *regret*

Bread – a staple

Salami and tomato slices

Perhaps a burger and eggs

Super slow-cooked egg (yummy!)

Best ice cream ever

Leaving 🙁

Camera doesn’t quite capture it!

Altogether the holiday was amazing I had heaps of fun
If you ever get the chance you have to go!
I want to go again in summer so I can do that fjord thing and swim about like they do in the brochures. And of course buy a ton of lefse.


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