Norway Day 1 – Oslo

Let me just mention that the flight the night before was at 7.30pm and we arrived at the airport at 7.05pm. A NEAR DISASTER. Barely scraped through after having to beg so phew!

The train stations were really cool, from the airport you can just swipe your credit card at the barriers and it’ll charge the fare and let you through. Super easy.

The first day we had a lazy breakfast and did nothing but walk slowly around Oslo

On the way out

The neighbourhood was really pretty

A a children’s playcentre or something

Tram level crossing – look my awesome hair!

Oo a tiger! Outside Olso Central station

Walking towards the opera house

The opera house was apparently built sometime last year
You can walk on the slanting roof all the way to the top

Strawberry waffle!

Everything in Norway is like so freaking expensive, btw!
E.g. the fare to get from the airport to the city was like £17 or something (one way)
In London you can just take the tube for less than £3!!

Blue skies like that remind me of Australia

Eew clouds

Walking towards National Theatre

The streets were pretty much dead due to the Easter holidays
I felt like Will Smith in ‘I am Legend

Towards Aker Brygge

Wooo I am so cool

The clouds look cool here!

I like this photo too

I had really yummy milky vanilla ice cream there by the water
I love milky things

Yesterday I bought a tub of double cream, whipped it like MAD and then ATE it!

I’m spending the day in Southampton tomorrow
We’re gonna rent a bike and go cycling!



ana b. |

O! You’re travelling! I love being taking along for the ride when bloggers travel. I just came back from holidays too. You look great and Oslo looks winter perfect.

Oh! You’ve been linked.

A dreamer |

aw i’m jealous i wanna go to norway.
but wow such a crazy flight. i’d be dead if i were u.

strawberrry waffles-YUMomgI’MSO JEALOUS..again…

and are u from australia? i know ur a londoner but..

melly |

the sky in Oslo is strangely nice tho, it’s blue but not The Simpson’s-blue. Feels really calm there too.

Y |

Celine: thank you!

Chekka: you should definitely visit if you get a chance 🙂

ana b: Thanks so much! where did you go on holiday? They never seem long enough do they.!

A dreamer: I was nearly dead lol. And yes before moving to London I was in Melbourne! :p

melly: It was DEAD calm, literally!


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