NEXT Seven Days of Shoes

I decided I would stay up to 2am (again) to enter Sherin’s Next shoe competition.

Basically, I had to pick seven pairs of shoes from Next and and style them with clothes that are also from Next. I sometimes use my Wacom tablet as a mouse so I thought it would be fun to play around with it and do some handwriting and super amateur drawing.

Err.. I haven’t learnt yet to use Polyvore.. so these images were created using Sketchbook Express. 

What do you think? Should I quit my job and become a stylist? Haha
Not sure if I’ll win, but it was fun putting together these sets – I even managed to concentrate for a FULL HOUR doing this. It’s a miracle!
OK.. now I can finally go watch an episode of ‘2 Broke Girls’

All clothing featured in this post can be found on the Next online store – just type in the item name into the search box!


Winnie |

You should totally win Yishyene! I love that you used your wacom tablet (jealllousss I want one!) and it turned out really well!

Anna Do |

OMG soo lovely, you are going to win for sure!! I love all the outfits, every piece put in a smart way 🙂

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