Nerdy Outfit and.. Chocolates!

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Hair by Ming.

Anyway, during the last 12 months or so I haven’t really been sharing much about what I wear.. I think I can partially blame Instagram. Also laziness and preoccupation with other FUN things hehe. I hope to get back into what-I’m-wearing posts this year.. so here are a couple of pics I took the other day on the way to work, with the help of my camera timer and some shamelessness (people were looking at me).

I didn’t have a place to put it (my camera) so I just balanced it atop my handbag on the ground.. hence the strange angle/giant legs, haha. Sorry about my face!


Dress – Topshop
White Top – some market..
Yellow Beanie – H&M
Red Wool Tights – H&M Kids
Boots – Vintage
Gloves – Urban Outfitters
Leopard Necklace – Me&Zena

I dress practically for the winter, so on top of this ensemble I wore a cardigan plus my trusty faux fur coat. I’m also wearing ANOTHER pair of wool tights under the red ones!


Thank you to Millennium Hotels for sending through this package of chocolates for me to try. Incidentally, I received them on the day I wore the outfit above.


The package included an Eton Mess Slab, Billionaire’s Shortbread Selector, Salted Caramel Selector, Gemstones, and most awesomely, a Milk Smiley Lick.


You’ll notice that the Gemstones, which are meant to be like little pebbles of marbled white + dark chocolate, are missing. That’s because my flatmate, unbeknownst to me, had eaten them before I got to them. I guess it’s my fault for leaving the package in the kitchen!


The Eton Mess Slab is a mixture of strawberry and vanilla chocolate topped with bits of cookies, dried strawberry, and meringue. I wasn’t too keen on this (too sweet).. I think the problem is that the bits of strawberry etc are only on the TOP of the slab rather than all over the insides as well.


Salted Caramels above – nothing much to explain really. Once you bit into it, salted caramel oozes out of it. The point is to get it on your fingers and lick it off.. tastes better that way. Haha.


Billionaire’s Shortbread is basically a smooth praline and caramel centre covered in chocolate and topped with bits of shortbread. I liked this more than the salted caramels.. BUT I wished the shortbread content in each piece was a lot higher. I love shortbread!


Don’t die of shock, but I’m not actually a chocolate lover at all. I’m not one of those people who sneak chocolates at work or crave for them.. I.. don’t.. erm.. care..much…for chocolate……. >.<

But if I did have it, I like my chocolate smooth and unbedazzled. Just plain ol’ milk chocolate. So out of everything in the package, my favourite is the Smiley Milk Chocolate Lolly thing! I think it’s just great because it’s so cute and happy as well. Also, quite importantly, it was so so convenient to eat – no melted chocolate on your fingers 😉

I shared the goodies with a friend at work whose blood made of chocolate I’m sure, and he says his favourite is the Billionaire’s Shortbread.

Thanks again Millennium Hotels.. speaking of which I never knew they had so many locations, including one in Kuala Lumpur (my home city!). My favourite one is probably the one at Bay of Islands in New Zealand, as it’s right on the waterfront. In the UK, my favourite one has to be the hotel in Knightsbridge since it’s close to the shops, to Hyde Park, and I can party all night in Mayfair nearby.. :p


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