My Happy Colourful 2013

happy2013This is a VERY LONG POST – well of course, it’s a whole YEAR painfully compressed into 50 or so photos. Here are some highlights of my 2013.. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I had fun reminiscing 😉

If you’re not using your mobile, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS SONG as you go through the post!

It snowed in January and London was beautiful.

london snow

And when it snows, I can never behave myself.

snow willies

I also kidnapped a pedestrian signboard (it wasn’t even snowing).

stealing sign sign stolen

I went to Venice with the funnest Venetian I know – the only one with whom I would sit on a bench at 5am, when it’s 2 degrees, drinking champagne from a bottle.

in venice

I celebrated La Befana on Lido island, an annual Italian tradition.

la befana

We went kite-running in Richmond.


The Chinese New Year arrived – and so did a 14-course meal.


I switched from skiing to snowboarding, and experienced my first ski festival (Snowboxx) with one of my best friends.


I finally got to wear my retro ski jacket.


I went to Porto for the second time, with three of my best girlfriends. It was crazy fun.

porto in march

We said goodbye to one of our gang – Jeremy, who was moving to Sydney for sun and surf.

There were a lot of parties.

jeremy leaving

I started rollerblading again.


I saw The Courteeners in concert.


It started to get warmer, and the days longer.

little venice

My best friend from home, Joyce, came to play!

joyce picnic

I decided to pick up skateboarding.


I was happiest in the sunshine.

lying in the sun

I started practising my ukulele again.

ukulele in tree

I attended my first ever travel blogging conference in Rotterdam.
(With Goliath)

goliath in rotterdam

I went surfing in Scheveningen – look at all that spume!
It was very cold and a little disgusting. 
But I made a great new friend.

scheveningen surfing

My luggage and passport were stolen in Rotterdam. 

But this woman rescued me and I love her.


I won a trip to Toronto to attend my second travel media conference.


I met a heap of cool people. And the amazing Lola, who helped make it all happen.


Back in the UK, I went cycling in the New Forest.

new forest

I learnt how to decorate cupcakes. Like ’em? 🙂


I had a bazillion picnics at the park. 
Everyone thought I was obsessed. Possessed by the sun.

picnic with friends

London was blessed with a fantastic summer, I couldn’t help it!

london summer

I enjoyed my third Lovebox Festival. It got a bit crazy.


I spent a day in Brighton, and it was lovely (not crazy).


I travelled to Lisbon for Optimus Alive festival.

optimus alive

I made some unusual friends there. Know what they gave me?friends in lisbon

Back in London, I sat at Primrose Hill and enjoyed a magnificent sunset with friends while waiting to see the full moon.

primrose hill sunset

It was one of many beautiful sunsets I enjoyed around the city.

camden sunset

A lot of evenings were spent outside pubs.

i love reena

I learnt to play and sing my first full song with my ukulele. 
Looking back at this video, it’s TERRIBLE. I’m much MUCH better now (just believe me)!

I celebrated my birthday.. with a huge picnic at Hyde Park, of course!

birthday flying
I went to the best festival of my life – Wilderness Festival. 
It got really crazy. I got really crazy. WILD, some might say.
I MUST write a post on this festival ASAP!


These glasses contributed.


Then I almost blinded myself at the Holi Festival in London.

holi festival

I travelled solo in Portugal for two weeks and attended surf camp in Sagres. WANT TO GO BACK!

sagres surf camp

I made a multitude of new friends. Happy friends.

lagos friends

Then I went to Porto for the third time and made even more friends.

I finally got to see the Douro Valley.

douro valley

After over six years living in this country, I said ‘Fine, I’ll go to Stonehenge’. 

Then I took this photo.


I celebrated Halloween with a wig.


World Zombie Day arrived.

zombie day

Things got a little crazy that night.

zombie day party

I attended my first World Travel Market.

world travel market

I went to Romania and stayed with a friend I had met at surf camp.


I went to Porto for the fourth time and reconnected with my friends. 

I decided the city was to be my second home.

friends in porto

I enjoyed the sunshine in Aveiro.


I visited Guimarães, ‘the birthplace of Portugal’, with my adopted family for the day.

guimaraes sun porto family

I had a very English Christmas spent in Surrey. 
I mean, just look at this house!

country house

Then I flew to Bordeaux to spend a week ushering in the New Year. 

bordeaux lights

I was reunited with great friends. And a lot of cheese.


The first few hours of 2014 were spent with a bunch of random French people. And a unicorn.

nye unicorn

The unicorn tells me that 2014 will be yet another enjoyably odd, delightfully crazy, and colourfully happy year.

AND THE UNICORN IS CORRECT.If I had to summarise my 2013 in a sentence, it would be ‘The year my social life exploded, and I spent too much time in Portugal.’

I have had a FANTASTIC year. I’ve had so many days when I was filled with such happiness that my body couldn’t contain it and I end up skipping along the street – no matter that I’m on the way to work. Sometimes I want to jump into the air and tell a tree that I love him/her!

Last year I learnt to snowboard, surf, and skateboard.. amongst other things. This year I’m going to learn to drive (even though I already have a licence.. don’t ask..), get back into swing dancing, and take some flying trapeze classes.

I love life so much and I can’t wait to see what more it has to offer!

Btw Happy New Year Everyone
If you don’t mind sparing a minute, please tell me what your favourite/happiest moment in 2013 was 🙂


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