How Music Makes Me Happy

dancing in thailand

Let me begin by.. I can’t stand the cliché statement ‘music plays an important part in my life’. I mean, in whose life does it not??

I’ve always been a bit picky with the kind of music I like to listen to. But there really is only one broad criterion I go by: it has to be happy or FUN!

I basically only listen to tunes that are very melodic, happy-sounding, or upbeat. I love quirky sounds and if you had a look at my current playlist, you’ll probably only recognise one or two names at most. I don’t have a favourite band but I enjoy a variety of small/lesser-known ones (I can’t stand pop music or anything that’s on the Billboard top whatever).


And as long as the music invokes in me a happy feeling, I will dance! There’s not much in life that I love more than dancing to my favourite tunes. I can dance for hours. Until my toes are blistered (this happened in Tanzania) or until there is no music left other than what’s in my head and I’m seen bopping around to silence (this happened in Portugal).

I have no qualms about dancing to music that other people cannot hear. Once, I was awarded the prize for ‘best dancer’ at a silent disco competition (on a Monday morning). This meant I snagged a trip for two to Las Vegas – where of course I attended a dance music festival so that I could dance even more!

Since a lot of the music I love is more on the obscure side, I tend to indulge myself using earphones if I’m out in public. There’s pretty much no chance that I’d catch my happy songs at an event/party/bar/club – sometimes, I jam my earphones in even if there’s already music playing around me (that I don’t like).

SO, because I’m stupid and a bit slow to the game, I finally got my first pair of noise-cancelling headphones a couple of months ago! They’re a beautiful pair of Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear headphones.

libratone q adapt on-ear

I’ve been travelling with them all  over South-East Asia. I really don’t know why I never thought to get a pair earlier. On flights, they are a LIFESAVER. They help block out the crying babies and I can listen to my music (or movies) SO MUCH BETTER.

Obviously, I’ve also been dancing with them..

headphone danceDancing at a flower festival where I didn’t like the music playing at the event

As now I am *WIRELESS*, haha.

My life just got a lot better  😎

The only thing I can’t do is jerk my head around too much. I’ve tried it (got too excited) and the headphones swung right off and I looked like an idiot.

I pack them in my backpack together with my camera and laptop. It comes in a really neat case!

libratone headphones

The outline of the little bird LIGHTS UP and glows when it’s on. I love anything that lights up!

As this was my first pair, I can’t compare it with other types of noise-cancelling headphones, but I can tell you that I love them. They have a sleek, clean design and they work wonders. There are three levels of noise-cancelling you can choose from – I didn’t even realise that such technology existed  😮

I especially love them because they enable me to enjoy my fun tunes more often. Which means more dancing. And more happiness!

Leaving you with two little videos of me.. dancing 😀 :

*this post was created in collaboration with Libratone


Ricardo |

I’ve tried these already and they are so small compared to other noise cancellation headphones i see in the market that look so Chunky.

They are the proof that is possible to give attention to design while engineering and get a better looking product with similar characteristics!


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