Milan Day 3 – Canevaworld & Verona

This time we drove up to Lake Garda where there are a few amusement parks next to it. It’s sort of like Dreamworld/Movieworld/Wet n Wild/Seaworld at Gold Coast..but not as good (Haha!).

Still it was heaps of fun, we went to the waterpark, Canevaworld, which turned out to be really awesome especially in the blazing sun. Unfortunately I left my camera in the locker while we played so I barely have any photos of this place which looked so good with the blue waters and sandy pavements.


I went on this crazy slide alone. As in literally alone because no one would come with me and the other girl who was waiting her turn with me chickened out!!

AWESOME ride is all I can say.. really scary at the start though especially when I was told to arch my back and ‘make sure to keep your back pressed to the slide as much as you can’ at the top

I love water parks <3
I had so much fun I want to go back!!!

err, taken on the way there



After ice cream and drinks we drove south to Verona
It was such a beautiful little town

Photobucket Photobucket

me is ghost


Don’t my legs look so unrealisitically long in this photo??
I actually have short legs!!

Photobucket Photobucket

A couple of shots using the ‘pinhole’ feature in my camera:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Had dinner along this strip 🙂

Photobucket Photobucket

Here is a horse

And here it is again, turned into pizza

Apparently horse meat is a specialty in Verona.
So we ordered this pizza, called Furia which is shredded horse meat and rocket pizza.
LOVED It it was soooo yum!
This was guinea fowl something – I can’t remember what this wide flat pasta was called!
Anyhow it was absolutely deeeeeeeeelicious

Had it with fresh strawberry juice (YUM) which I had heaps off throughout the holiday – it’s supposedly an old Italian dessert.

Having dinner there was one of the best nights ever
Sitting outside at night in the warm summer air and having great food.. while eyeing up the horses thinking how good they would taste on pizza.. only kidding..umm not really


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