Milan Day 2 – Driving Lake Como

Milan city was admittedly quite boring

So the next day we drove to Lake Como, which is located about an hour north-west of Milan. The lake is huge and shaped like an upside-down Y. Our first stop was Como town – south of the lake, on the west leg.

The night before we walked to a big supermarket and bought stuff for the trip:
– lots of juice (tomato, peach, pear)
– salami
– cheese
– bread
– crisps
– fruits
– muffins

and some other things I can’t remember


Dress Dorothy Perkins
Sandals New Look

On Rose:
Dress H&M
Bag Topshop (I THNK!)
Sandals Miss Selfridge

There was a Saturday market going on so we had a look
Realised that people around Milan love the colour purple??!

even the customer’s wearing purple pants!



After getting a drink at a tiny ‘cafe’ inside the market we started to drive north along the lake to get to a town called Cadenabbia (or something like that) where we could take a car ferry across to Bellagio (it’s situated in the middle of the lake, sorta).

On the way to Cadenabbia

We stopped a few times to take photos – HEAPS of photos!
Here are some!

I can’t even remember how long it took to get to Cadenabbia


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Swimming pool!! AAAAAAh

Photobucket Photobucket

(Is she staring at my tummy???)


The car ferry was fun!
The breeze was so refreshing on a blazing hot day
LOVE hot days

on the ferry

Photobucket Photobucket

I packed this velcro ball toy thing that I got from Sainsbury’s and so we had a fun time playing with it we got so exhausted!

Then we went down really close to the lake and dipped our feet in the water
BEST feeling ever

Do I see pink panties? HA HA

Damn me and my dumb face here


Something really exciting happens after this


Got drenched!!!
The water was ice-cold!
And it was heaps of fun!!



From Bellagio we took another car ferry to a little town called Varenna, ending up on the east side of the lake. Having a car was so convenient because we drove farther up north and ended up at a park/green by the lake and it was so beautiful!

There were people sprawled all over
And boats and people swimming and a cafe







Went down by the rocks to play with water again


Had really yummy ice cream here! 🙂

Took loads more photos but had to pick only these few to post or it’ll be a bit much..


As the sun was setting it was time to drive down to the eastern leg of the lake, to a town called Lecco which really exceeded expectations as it wasn’t nearly as popular as all the other towns.

It was so lovely!
It reminded me a bit of Williamstown in Melbourne
Lots of restaurants and cafes lined the road by the lake



Love this photo!

My dinner!

Had a great meal followed by lots of gelato
Sat by the lake with swans eating it
Photobucket Photobucket



Domennie |

I love the colour purple too,hah!i might intent visiting there just to be able to grab a whole bunch of purple
those pictures are amazing!u seem to have enjoyed a nice trip:)

melly |

my my! those photos of you and R standing in the water/near the water is making me really want to go near some kind of nice blue sea. i really like both the dresses you both are wearing too.

anddd don’t get me started about that lobster pasta dinner you had, whoooop looks SO GOOD!

Kaita |

That pink dress is so charming! All of these pictures looked like they were straight out of a dream.
Loved the last one with the swans. The whole place seemed very romantic.

Hyon-Xhi |

MAN. What awesome pictures of those places.

Must plan to head over to your region. After I’m done with this icehole…! BARgghgh!

Hannah |

The colour in these pics is amazing — what kind of camera do you use?

Also, I think I’m gonna take pic #6 to my hairdresser for her to copy… lovely.


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