Milan Day 1 – Milan City

// picture heavy – 26 total!

One thing that brightened up my day as we flew across in the plane was the strawberry yoghurt drink that they served. However, I had hot coffee spill all over me and my white tights soon after ARGH.

Anyway that’s besides the point.
I had the awesomest holiday and here comes the first day summary – which is actually the most mellow, compared to the other day anyway.

The weather was PHEW amazing..super HOT
Felt good sweating and getting skin burnt
Love the smell of sunscreen!

Dress thrifted
Tan belt Sportsgirl (au)
Bag Topshop
Sandals New Look


R, K, me

These were the steps leading to the park near the hotel
We stayed somewhere between the Duomo Cathedral and Central Station
We’d hired a car but because parking was probably going to b a problem we left it at the hotel and walked about instead


It was SO hard finding a decent place to eat after that!
We walked to sort of a high street..
Dropped by Zara..
and were SO starving to death after.

We walked for AGES and AGES through all these weird streets and lanes.
And found nothing but shops with NO FOOD in it.
Started to think that people in Milan survived on dust!


Photobucket Photobucket

But thank goodness for Wonderful Cafe (couldn’t have been named better)
It was like finding an oasis in the sahara
A seat on the morning train
A size 6 dress in the sale rack
An old bar of chocolate at the bottom of my handbag. On a Monday. At 4pm after skipping lunch. And breakfast. With no money to buy any food with.

Anyway that’s what it felt like

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Needless to say the food was DELICIOUS
Reasonably priced too, a pizza was about 5-6 Euros.
I can never go back to normal pizza again.
Wanted donuts from this stall later on
But at 2.50 Euros for a PLAIN donut, no thanks!


Marisa |

Wow, looks like so much fun! How do you have so much time to travel to so many places, I’m jealous.

Kaita |

Gelati, vespas, sun dresses and huge asses? Sounds delightful! These pictures were adorable.

I know what you mean about loving the smell of sunscreen. The smell of sunscreen brings a wave of nostalgia- sunscreen reminds me of all the lazy days spent at the beach or the park.

melly |

I have to first say how hilarious you are on this post!

& i cannot believe it was that hard to find a place selling food, you all must have been mad pissed. well but the pizzas were really gems. the way the ham/meat was laid on the top, mama miaaaa it looks so good. i can taste it from here.

A dreamer |

HAHHA i just have to laugh because you actually stalked that woman to take a photo of her ass.
too many 2.5 euro donuts i think.
okay that was mean. XD

Y |

Marisa: You just have to make time for it!

Kaita: Yeah that is so true! It also reminds me of when I used to go swimming nearly every day!

melly: Haha..and yes the pizza was amazing, that cafe was truly WONDERFUL

A dreamer: hehehe yay you are just like me :p

Ah, A |

wow the photographs are great, and the places you’ve been, awesome.

really cute car, and really really cute dress.

blushingjoy |

That pizza doesn’t look like normal pizza… it has tonnes of ingredients on it?! And at that price… you got a bargain!!


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