Mallorca: Wearing Blue + Yellow to the Land of Orange

*this post contains 30 beautiful pictures!
On day 4 out of 7 of our trip we drove up to a little town called Soller
It’s on the north-western part of the island and apparently famous for growing oranges and lemons :)You can take a train there from the town of Palma – it’s apparently a very popular train ride because you pass through lots of lemon and orange farms and the air smells of citrus-y goodness
But of course, the lazy/easy way is to simply use the car………..hmm

First here’s what I wore:

Dress H&M Garden Collection
[overused] Yellow cardi H&M
Belt vintage
Sandals H&M
Goddamn I’m an H&M whoreDSC_0351

These photos were taking just downstairs of Carryn’s apartment
Imagine having this view from your home *jealous*


My cream rose ring which is SO overworn
You’ll see it in heaps more pics to come :S
Nails are pastel pink and purple by Barry M

Port Soller

From the town of Soller – which is like a dead place – you can take a tram to Port Soller (they’re two different things)
Umm we just drove all the way thereDSC_0403

Had such a relaxing day
There weren’t that many people around
But the air felt so good
I love being close to the water
And food..


Some houses by the port


The beach
This was actually the worst beach COMPARED TO all the other beaches we visited during the week there – yes just IMAGINE how beautiful all the others must look!
I’ll share pics of that soon hopefully *thinks of when I have time…*


We sat at an outdoors cafe by the water
Where I had what could be the best most refreshing drink I’ve ever had!
It’s fresh orange juice mixed with orange sorbet, topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream

(Had to pixelate my face cos I was doing something gross)


Forgot to take a photo of the meal when it came
So here’s all I got

ahh.. Spanish olives *drool*
I ate so many olives there I think my pee started smelling like olives!!

After lunch I took some bread and stood by the edge and fed the ducks and fish
The waters around Mallorca seems to always be abundant with fish
Some kids came up to me and I shared my bread with them and we fed the animals together 🙂

Orange Juice on the Mountain

Leaving Port Soller, we drove up the mountain and found a little shack perched on a little cliff
There was a viewing point
And in the shack there was a woman using a juicer, selling fresh orange juice

DSC_0438 DSC_0445

I just like this photo, that’s all

DSC_0454 DSC_0489

It was 1.50 euros per glass
Very worth it! Ha ha
Felt so happy cos I LOVE orange juice and this was certainly one of the best I’ve had


Top of the Mountain

The roads around Soller thread through mountains and are full of sharp twists and turns
There are alternative straight roads/tunnels you can use for a small fee
But naturally we opted for the windy roads so we could explore the mountains

Plus I can hang more than half my body out the window and pretend I’m flying as the car ascends/descends
Cheap thrills!


Stopped at an area at the top/close to the top
It was breathtaking
The weather was perfect!

P1130215 DSC_0503 P1130217 P1130219P1130221

One of the narrow ‘tunnels’ we had to drive through
Very exciting!!

DSC_0510 DSC_0537

Thought this was funny!
Spent ages just prancing about, taking in the air and the views
And listening to the tinkling of bells from mountain goats grazing in the distance

If you just stand there
Close your eyes
It’s so incredibly peaceful
You can just listen to nature
Nothing but the slight breeze and the sound of sweet NOTHING

Makes me happy to be alive 🙂


Kinda felt like Heidi :p

DSC_0577 DSC_0508

Ok seriously
Does my bum look like a big piece of Babybel cheese or what!!


En-route to Palma we passed through another small town called Inca
A tiny town actually
Saw lots of farms and orchards


I noticed all the little towns around the island look like this
Everyone seems to have green shutters and doors etc etc


Some of the many sheep we saw trotting about
They’re actually really vocal, going ‘baa baaa baaaa’ along the way


Is a freaking HORNY motherfucka
Stopped the car and I ran down to pet him cos I thought he looked so elegant
A few rubs later, he’s got a full-blown ERECTION!!

He even followed me along the fence as I walked away
Arggh.. I turned on a HORSE!!


As we exited the town, the streets were actually lined with orange trees
The Mr, being ever so clever (sarcastic, obviously), thought ‘Oh hey you know what, I’m gonna pluck one and EAT IT! It’ll be great!!

So he steps out and shamelessly nicks one off the tree
And proudly hands it over to me to peel
I peel it
And when he’s not looking I have a little nibble and realised it was SOUR AS HELL!

“Here, I’ve peeled it for you, have a piece it really IS good!”

Ohhh my god the look on his face as all the super SOUR juices hit him
I nearly died laughing!!!!!!


Lesson: do NOT eat oranges that are meant to be street deco


jayna |

the whole trip looks amazing! we need to talk about this more the next time. i always thought Mallorca was just a beach resort based on what my friends told me =)

juznie |

Great post! Your lovely photos are killing me as it is cold and rainy where I am. Loving your bright outfit and nail polish too 🙂


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