Love Loose Jumpers

One of my staples through the winter months is a good, loose-fitting and therefore comfortable sweater or jumper. I have a number of tacky 80s ones that I’ve picked up at vintage shops, and a couple more off the high-street.
Recently I found this light pink one at New Look
And I just keep wearing it everywhere how boring of me!
But I love it.. just seems to go with nearly everything as well
At only £16 it was a steal
Here are some pics of an outfit featuring said sweater.. umm plus some hidden layers underneath 😉
Oh yeah I had a haircut last week I quite like it!

Sweater New Look
Printed skirt Zara
White skirt (underneath) vintage
Knee-highs Topshop
Shoes New Look

Decided to share an overexposed pic I tried to rescue.. but it was just too difficult!
DSC_1125a DSC_1098a
Took a while – a couple of hours – to get used to the asymmetrical fringe
But now I love my weird-looking ‘helmet’ HEHE


Kylie |

Woah, your new haircut is AMAZING! I’ve never seen one like that, you rock it well! And I love the layering in this outfit. So lucky you can wear heels and miniskirts in London… I’m still burried under 3 feet of snow :S

I know just what I’d wear to that event if I could go, I have the perfect sailor collar!


Ilse |

ahhh how lovely you look!! love the hairdo and I have a quilty pleasures for jumpers, too. you’re not the only one out there heehee

Catie |

I absolutely love your style! I wish I had the nerve to pull something like that off. Unfortunately for me, I’d end up looking clownish. I see girls here who try to have a style like yours, but they come across looking clownish, too. Kudos to you for having “the eye”!

dressed to please |

i love your sweater honey!!!!nice blog HONEY! 😀 I LIKE IT!!!

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin 😉

KISS ;*)

Y |

Thanks you all – your comments make my day!

And to Natasha: YES they are! It’s probably cos they heel is not high 😉

Veronique |

so lovely! but… you’re thinking of changing the title of the blog?
if you have already said something about it, I’m sorry, i haven’t enough time to visit your blog. walk really busy with my studies 😡



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