London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony at The Fringe

My birthday this year fell on the same day as the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. My friend Izan got us and my sister tickets to The Fringe, a pop-up private members club located about 100m from the Olympic Park, to watch the ceremony on a big screen.

My sister is only 16, but luckily.. she managed to pass as 18. Hehe.

Dress – Rare
Necklace – Gift from Joyce (she bought it in Bangkok I think)
Sandals – Deena & Ozzy
P7278861.jpg P7278873.jpg

The atmosphere was amazing and they let just the right amount of people into the venue – which I think is crucial to the success of any event.

Although.. there needed to be more food stalls. We waited 45 minutes in a loonngggg queue just to get a burger!


We had a great view of the Red Arrows/Blue Arrows/Red Blue Something?? (sorry.. I can’t remember) planes flying past.

P7278882.jpg P7278881.jpg

It rained unexpectedly all of a sudden and everyone rushed back into the building (where the bars were)!


Apart from some problems with the sound system at the beginning, the whole screening of the ceremony was fun! I especially enjoyed the part where MR BEAN appeared.. of course..

For some reason, I’m trying to pull out more details about the ceremony from my my mind but can’t seem to remember much other than there was a giant Voldemort and.. Mr Bean. And a grumpy The Queen..

P7278898.jpg IMG_5900.jpg

This was the only pic we have together – a grainy one from my iPhone. SAD.

And now.. I present you some REALLY SUPER AWESOME pics of the fireworks!umm I think they’re awesome anyway.. haha

P7288932.jpg P7288912.jpg P7288918.jpg P7288926.jpg P7288931.JPG P7288927.jpg P7288928.jpg


That’s pretty much my whole Olympics 2012 experience. Sadly I didn’t attend any sporting events, and neither did I set foot in the Olympic Park. The whole thing pretty much just passed me by.


But I’m not. I did watch a bit of the gymnastics on TV, you know…..


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