London Fashion Week – On|Off After Party

Here are some photos from the On|Off afterparty sponsored by Scholl during Fashion Week

It wasn’t some huge amazing party but we had heaps of fun people-watching (the crowd was really cool) and playing with the free Crackling Ice foot spray that was being given out, btw that is one amazing spray, it’s so much fun and it really crackles! Smells nice, too.

You know during the party I said to Rose, ‘oh i just saw a guy he looks like Boy George’
Turns out that it WAS him after all.. I’m not good at this spotting famous people thing, I think I’m too absorbed in my own life or simply obvlivious



These guys give the free stuff out – that tattoo is yuck huh

Image via
Rose & I

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Sorry I don’t know where her clothes are from except that the shoes are Topshop!


Top Topshop
Belt & bag vintage
Lace skirt vintage (from mom)
Shoes Aldo

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Need to get more nail colours!


Thought this woman’s hat was very cool!
Saw her at the exhibition the next day sporting a crazy hot pink geometric hat thingy


Rose took this picture of this girl
She looks SO familiar like I’ve seen her somewhere before


The yellow Barry M nail colour is very icky/difficult to put on
Don’t buy it! Ha ha

Next pic was taken as I was about to leave the flat



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and yay for bloggin about being eco conscious and animal friendly. im a vegetarian so i really appreciate this… very cool and nice pics btw.


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